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Published: 20 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I would like to start by saying that you must be careful when choosing a school. I started AIM in September of 2011. When attending my first day of school, I definately noticed some extreme circumstances. I started off as a night student, and was horrified at the behaviors I saw some of the students exzibit. It was like a HollyWood movie script. There is a high level of Chicago gangsters that run drugs in and out of the school. There still is a high level of students that buy them. These students will bully and get on the good side of certain there such as Rachael Gildon. Rachael Gildon was the student service representitive who was supposed to help students get resumes together, job search and obtain housing. I had to chase her for three weeks just to get her. too help me fill out a resume. Rachael is a mexican american who is verry racist against white people. I base this on the faxt that she helps all the african and mexican american students first before the white studemts. I foolishly made a comment in class one day. A student asked me, did you talk to Rachael about a job? I said “I don’t think I’m the right color”. A african american student over herdthis and went and told Rachael. Remimd you tjere were only three people in the class room when this happened. I later on went to financial aid amd she came storming in there yelling, “I herd you said I was racist.” I preceeded to tell her how unprofessional she was and if this were the case , she could have possibly put this students safety in jeopardy. I would never commit such a thing, but what if I would have been some phycho?? I am a single parent and have had to withdraw from school once already. I have had to take three LOA’s so far. I have recently had ro withdraw again due to my sons mental health problems. I called corporate to let them know that I want ro return on the same program I left on, due to me withdrawing of no falt of my own. I said that I did not want to have to pay $150 a month because I have had my school all just about paid for, and I only have 5 blocks left. I also told them if I had tto withdraw, I needed to be accepted back. I had not a choice but to be incolved in my sons therapy. I also want to be involved in my sons therapy because I love him. Not to mention His mother left three years ago and I have been the soul provider. Corperate. then proceeds to tell me that its up to the campus directoer to let me back. I had to bring my elderly mother in the meeting I had with the campus director alnog wirh paper work from my sons therapist just to establish belief. If they don’t let me back, I will laywer up, and get all my money back. Also their financial aid deepartment took money for loans when I ywas on an LOA . I had to bring in paper work from the loan department just to get them to relase the moneyack o the lender. I wil say this though, when I graduate from AIM I will get a gfeat job and a career. It’s not that Aviarion Institute of Maintenance is a bad school, you just really have to watch everything they say and do. Not to mention there is a fight club on nights. .

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