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Published: 19 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I have written several reviews on AVVO and it seems to me that they only want to publish the Good ones and not allow the people to expose the TRUTH and Express there right to “Freedom of Speech”. This site is obviously a “Lawyer Friendly Site” so we the people can be misled to chose a lawyer based on smoke and mirrors… The truth is many Lawyers (NOT ALL) communicate with each other and Judges, even Guardian Ad Litems , which are lawyers, that Judges favorably appoint because of there “personal relationships” to make WE THE PEOPLE PAY MORE MONEY IN FAMILY LAW CASES… Judges Refuse to listen to the facts but instead, Judge based on personal “feelings” and do and say whatever they feel like!!! THIS IS COMPLETELY UNETHICAL! STAND UP PEOPLE AND FIGHT BACK! THIS SYSTEM IS BROKEN AND ALL NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE! @marco_d_felice (786) 285-9697 (305) 899-8899 Weak Attorney who is scared to show judges that they must follow the law. NO AVVO REVIEWS??? Erica Whittler => (734) 730-4716 (305) 899-8899 Unprofessional, who has a personal relationship with Judge Nicolas Lopane ex-Family court Judge and as per her has slept with numerous clients and has called me many late night to talk about sex… NO AVVO REVIEWS??? Robert P. Kelly => (954) 454-5555 Represents Drug Dealers, liars and Convicted Felons. Take a peek at his background. $9.99 whitepages.com don’t be fouled. Why doesn’t he have any Avvo reviews??? Judge Gina Hawkins => Unethical, Unconstitutional and judges based on her own personal feeling instead of the facts…Putting an innocent man in Jail for contempt of court for protecting his 14 year old son who ran away from his mothers home 4 times because she Patricia Arango “Felice” is a Liar, manipulator, drug addict, a alcoholic and a child abuser and has lied under oath several times… Judge Gina Hawkins wouldn’t even listen to the Guardian ad litem Maria Lescano who recommended that the young man remain with his father. Broward County Court system is corrupt and unjust! Someone needs to do something about this unconstitutional system! Innocent men and children are suffering at the hands of corrupt lawyers and judges of Broward County Circuit Court 17th. THE JUDGE ONLY BASED ON MONEY!!! Case # 15-003144 Take a Look… AVVO WILL NOT ALLOW ME TO POST EVIDENCE HERE… Send me an email of you want the truth! [email protected]

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