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Published: 23 March 2020

Posted by: Jenny

I am 49 and after being a stay at home mom for 20 years I began working full time in 1999. With no formal training except for my art I began working full time in retail and decided to get in to a career field that I knew would be stable down the road since I plan to work till I am in my sixties. I called University of Phoenix because my sister had attended to obtain bachelors in accounting. I spoke with the ‘enrollment counselor’ on my decision to become a nurse. I was not teetering on any other career; I was adamant with the ‘enrollment counselor’ what I wanted. He enrolled me in Axia College and said that I would be first be working on my generals before I began the nursing courses BUT I would have my LVN by 18 months. I had told the ‘enrollment counselor that I had recently taken up employment with a new company with steady hours so I would have time to devote to school. I informed him I took a pay cut and could survive on the salary for a couple of years if I could get work as an LVN by no later than 2 years. He assured me that I could do this…’no problem’, so I enrolled. My income was low enough I was approved for grants and would only have to pay back the other loans. About halfway through the courses I was curious to when I would be getting into my nursing courses. By this time I had gone through 2 more ‘enrollment counselors, ‘ three more ‘academic counselors, ‘ who also had full understanding of my career goal, and three other ‘financial counselors.’ When I inquired about my nursing courses, my ‘academic counselor told me AXIA COLLEGE DOES NOT HAVE A NURSING PROGRAM.’ The whole time they had led me on and had enrolled me in Health and Human Services Administration. This is a management position which I have NO DESIRE in pursuing. I was in management in retail and hated it. I told the ‘academic counselor that I was suppose to be in a nursing program and my goal was to work in geriatric care. She gave me a less than believable ‘I’m sorry’ but there was nothing they could do since they do not offering nursing degrees. I was already halfway through so I decided to finish the rest of the course and obtain the ‘useless’ AA in Health and Human Services Administration. You would think I could just get a job in that field till I was through with my nursing program. ‘NO’ you cannot because for that degree you need to go into the bachelor program because that position you are required by the companies to have a BA. I had no intention of continuing to get a BA in a career I did not want. Now, at 49, I wasted 2 precious years of my life going to school at the sum of over $7000 for a job I cannot obtain and nor desire. I cannot get into the nursing program because the waiting list is over a year out. My credit is shot to hell because as I said, I could get along with the lower income for a while but it has taken its toll after two years. They are going to start billing me for my 2 years of hell after 6 months and I will not have a job to be able to pay for it. YES, they know all this and couldn’t care less. I told them, I had been looking since the ‘bad news’ about my nursing career to see if I could obtain a position in Health and Human Services Administration but as I said, all the positions require a BA not only in the Administration, but accounting as well. I had even told the academic counselor, with the classes they gave for this line of work, they clearly were not giving the students enough knowledge of accounting for the position. I know some of it from my position at work and could see by talking to my sister who is an accountant that there is no way I could competently carry out a job of this magnitude without a degree in accounting. The courses were all inferior both for the accounting and administration portion. My credit is shot now so it doesn’t matter if they send me to collection for non payment so I am not losing sleep over repaying my loan. I am now looking for another part time job to pay my bills. Oh, also, if you were thinking about this option, ‘NO’ the credits are non transferable to another college so the credits will not count, except for your electives. The fourth or fifth academic counselor was still pushing the BA on me but finally after emailing her to stop and that I was not going to continue she stopped bothering me about it. I’m tired of the ‘I’m sorrys for ripping me off. I feel so humiliated about telling my coworkers and family I was going back to school to be a nurse and now I am exactly in the same place I begin over two years ago. At 47 I have a ticking clock about my viability of getting employment but with nursing the need is so that I would not have had a problem. Now at 49 and with the economy in the toilet, I am worried about my livelihood. What kills me the most is the website for UOP has a woman in a nursing uniform, yet they do not offer nursing. Deception for the almighty dollar.

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