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Published: 21 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I was contacted by Michael Sico who worked for MES Modular Systems in the first week of June 2013. It was a proposal for three (3) inches of closed cell spray foam insulation for the lifted modular office located at 318 Port St, Newark, NJ. I promptly gave him a proposal for the job which they agreed to pay. They then asked me to break down the labor and material numbers, and I did so. After agreeing and SIGNING the proposal, we agreed to start the job on June 28, 2013. We finished the job on June 29, 2018 and sent an invoice on July 12, 2013. I sent emails after emails, texts after texts, and phonecalls after phonecalls. John Buongiorno assured me we would be paid after 30 days since they do a net 30 payment system for their company and for all their subcontractors. I’ve tried to put a lien on the property 318 Port St, Newark, NJ — but it is owned by the City of Newark, so there is no point putting a lien on a property that is never going to be mortgaged or sold. I hired, I hired lawyers, but they all told me nothing could be done because these crooks at Axis Construction are experienced thieves who probably calculated this whole scheme. I desperately tried to contact the company who occupied the office at 318 Port St, Newark, NJ but they also did not help me in anyway. I left so many voicemails and was given empty promises by John Buongiorno. It’s not like this company is out of business. They are doing big modular projects all over the country, for private and government contracts. After two and a half years, I finally found this website and thought they need to be exposed for what they do. If Axis Construction did it to me, they must have done it to others. I implore all other contractors who have been schemed by Axis Construction Corp to speak out on this website and expose these crooks for what they are. They owe me over $10,000.00 (ten thousand dollars) for the work. I was never paid a single penny for all my work. I was starting up at that time and every penny counted. These cold-hearted crooks have no remorse for what they do. Instead, whenever I call Axis Construction Corp, John Buongiorno threatens me for having a loud tone. What am I supposed to do , talk softly and professionally like I did before? No sir, that will not happen. I will make sure I send out the link to this post on to all the NY state authorites, the Modular Building Institute and all the other authorities they work with. I urge everyone who is reading this post to have a THOROUGH look at the attachments that I’ve posted — it shows in GREAT DETAIL what I was promised VIA EMAIL by Axis Construction Corp. The Internet is very powerful tool and it’ll expose these criminals. Even if I don’t get paid what I was owed, I want to make sure I took the time out of my schedule to write this post and expose these criminals so they don’t do it to other innocent, hardworking contractors.

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