Ayesha Amin

Ayesha Amin is a slut

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Published: 23 July 2017

Posted by: Paul M. Carter

Ayesha is a consultant for major companies. This gives her plenty of time and opportunity to travel across the world, which means she has access to unlimited guys, from different parts of the country.
She don’t care if the men she is talking to are single or married, or even dating as a matter of fact. When you will go and confront her whether she’s having an affair or tried to strike an affair with your boyfriend or your husband, she will tell you that you are losing that person because of your own inability to keep him happy or satisfied.
The woman has no shame whatsoever, no regrets and has nothing to apologize for. Men are not so stupid that they would purposely tell someone they are single, when they are not. Sometimes, yes they might, but one can give them a clean chit for benefit of doubt. But that doesn’t mean she needs to act like a whore and play the part along. The world doesn’t need people as disgusting as her, definitely!! Beware and keep away from her!

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