Avoid B-1 Yoga! This place is HELL

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Published: 10 September 2019

Posted by: Pamela Hendricks

I have been stressed out lately and it has left a lot of devastating effects on my mind and body. I have been having problems sleeping and the back and neck pains are just unbearable. I can\’t even focus at work. My friend who is a regular at a yoga institute made me aware of the benefits of yoga. So, in order to get some calmness and peace of mind, I started looking for a good yoga institution and I zeroed out a few places and one of them was B-1 Yoga. I have never hated yoga until I joined B-1 yoga. They don’t offer the first week of classes for free which most institutions do and ask for the membership fee right away. Being a newbie, I felt very uncomfortable because the instructors were non-cooperative and unwelcoming. The class does not offer various options for different levels of yoga. The instructors are not good at class recommendations. They are not good listeners and are always in a rush to move on to their next client. The guy who instructs the majority of the class lacks skills and judgment and he fails at assisting in modifying poses to the level of an individual\’s flexibility. Tips to improve your poses are a must but they never pay attention to each of the clients individually. They don’t answer any questions that you have for them because they are just too busy in their world. Their schedules for classes are messed up and the classes are never on time. You have to wait for hours for the instructors and the latecomer students to arrive. Their 90-minute hot yoga classes are very demanding and tiring. The level of heat is just too high in the studio that makes the heart beat faster and makes it hard to breathe normally. The air conditioning of the place is rubbish, they should take note of that and make necessary changes. The music in the hip-hop yoga class is just too loud. Their hip-hop version of yoga is just too fast-paced and is not for everyone. Also, don’t go for a higher level class because the instructors are too lazy and ignorant to provide lower-level modifications all the way through. I also tried out the candlelight yin yoga class. They should lower down the temperature a bit and the ambience is too unpleasant to get any spiritual relaxation. B-1 Yoga has distorted my sanity from the moment I walked into the studio. Instead of feeling refreshed and less stressed, it added on to my stress level because of their unprofessionalism. The membership, packages and even a single class at B-1 Yoga cost a lot and if you add up the prices of the water bottle, mat, the props, and all the extras the total price come out to be overly expensive. There are many community-centred yoga institutions where you have to pay less and most of the cost is covered by sponsors and I have found my new hub already. I would never recommend B-1 yoga if u want to save your time and money.

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