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Published: 04 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

About 18 months ago I fell for the scan of Caribbean Cruise line rub by BESM INC. They told me all I had to do was pay $50 per person plus port fees and the cruise was free. As we were already planning a trip to Florida it sounded great, they told me only had to sit through a short presentation. So I paid $100 for my wife and myself, $1500 cruise for $100 too good to be true , it was. After I paid $100 then they wanted to add on a stay in the Bahamas during the criuse, which I declined. All the sudden as i was getting off the phone thinking I got a great deal the come back on saying I had to pay an additional $300 to get the criuse now , don’t remember how exactly they talked me through the logic but they did, my fault, I had already told my wife we were going on a cruise and even at $400 seemed a pretty good deal. So i paid and got comforting codes and a website to go to etc. etc. So some time passed and it was coming closer to when we would go was told only had to pay port fees and tell them our departure date at least 2 weeks before we water to go, and that was when I was supposed to pay port fees as well. When I spoke to them at this point I payed another $100 supposedly for port fees and at this point was told that what I payed so far was only down payment on $1500 the trip cost. We’ll I figured it was my own fault for falling for it so I decided to cut my losses. About six months later I get a call from them again , this time trying to collect the rest of the supposed $1500 I “”owe”” them. This time they were very aggressive and told me that I would loose the money I had payed and would go into collection for the balance, but they has a deal that if I payed for the trip they would throw in a bunch of free stuff, I hung up the phone. Today they called again, the guy who called today was not as competent as the others I have had on the phone. But still threatened collection if I didn’t pay $1000 for this trip. They are a scam. Go to the BESM Facebook page it is so obvious that they are a boiler room operation. .

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