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Published: 25 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Hello. I am one of the models who have worked for the “Fifty and Fly” event by lee Daniels for his sister Leah Butler. | I first off want to say, Lee Daniels and Leah Butler had absoloutly nothing to do with this event organisation, so this in no way represents their character or wrong doing. This was entirely not their business and not their problem. The 4 main parties involved, were Kerry Lee Casting, Andre Cleveland and Beverly Oliviacce (and some black female, I do not remember her name. Associate of Beverly.) | I now would to talk about the atrocity of the organisation of the event, and the main Sponsor, Beverly Oliviacce. | There was a casting listed on LA casting, an audition for an event that was marketed saying it was a Lee Daniels ‘hosting’ event job. On LA casting, the payment was listed as 200 USD for a job from 9-11. The title was very misleading, as in many contexts, hosting means hosting on stage/entertaining.However, after attending the audition, it was clear that that wasnt the case. We were simply expected to wear these designers dresses and mingle with guests. Thats fine. | After not getting fed, wearing painful high heels for 5 hours (not the standard 2 hours that was agreed upon) Also not being allowed food or breaks whatsoever, Kerry comes into the changing room to tell us ladies that we are no longer getting paid the 200, but rather, a 150. Regardless of our obvious over time. | THis send models to an outrage, however I remained calm, because I knew no company coudl ever think to do such a low class thing, especially in a town like Los Angeles, where word gets around fast. Nobody could be THAT stupid. Right? wrong. These two ladies proceed to explain why we weretn getting paid the right amount, by going up to certian girls and personally attacking them for their height/looks. Forgetting to take resposibility for the fact that we were chosen if not by them, by either Kerry or Andre, and wore THEIR dresses, performing THEIR work and being there for THEM, also having gone to THEIR fitting, which lasted 2 hours, where in which they personally confirmed all of us. IF we were NOT confirmd, they should have told us at the fitting. Not the after the d**n show, where the work was already done and it was too late for everybody to have wasted their precious time. | Beverly personally attacked myself and one of the otehr models saying that we were too short anyway, and she would have not wanted to pay us 200 anyway. Saying it in a very bold and matter of frank way, as if her way of thinking was at all professional, as she boasted about fashion week,her experience… etc etc. | This was uncalled for, as many of the girls found the dresses to be horribly ugly and cheap in quality and taste, we did not verbally say this out loud to the designer. Why? because we are professional and we have class. However she thought it ok to insult many of our work and product, and expected us to ‘not sit in the dresses’, ‘not bend in the dresses’, and quite frankly they were rude to everyone. Not only the ‘short’ girls. Every single girl felt their low class behaviour and rudeness and every single girl did not enjoy their experience, especially getting under cut by 50 dollars despite a 3 hour OT charge. | Kerry, Andre and these two ladies have been switching blame between each other, claiming its none of their fault, and denied even selecting some of us models. They made some girls drive out to the middle of nowhere to collect this low payment, and the rest of us who didnt drive out, are still waiting for our money. We are not stupid. we know this money wont come. | What these ladies dont know, is that they will never make it. You reap what you sew. Shame of you ladies, dumb business, horrible ethics, and mostly… hideous dresses. Do NOT support these two scam artists.

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