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Published: 28 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

7/12/2018 Contacted what was believed to be T & S Auto Service but instead due to my error was in touch with B & T Service. Reason vehicle was running hot request for tow truck to take to auto shop and access the problem. Once the vehicle left my resident Tim Beach also known as Buddy contacted me back and advised he would look at my 95 Honda Accord and give me details of whats wrong. He contacted back the same day advised possible cracked head gasket and mixture of fluids in oil causing a milky white appearance. Advised me that I was looking at around 700.00 or more in repair. I advised him to return my car so that I could pay the fee of 100.00 for towing 50.00 for pick up 50.00 for return. Advising that I was a Medical Student and single parent of 3 limited income receiving unemployment. He quickly seemed concerned with helping me out and offered to take me to school or to the store to get food for my kids I declined, he then offered to fix my car and allow me to make payment arranges. So verbally we agreed to payment arranges and he was allowed to keep the vehicle and come to my home on 7/13/2011for the first payment as long as it was reasonable. He contacted me back on 7/13/2018 and left a detailed voice mail message explaining what he will do and how much it will cost. with repair and replacement of head,oil change,new muffler 7 exhaust the job will be 1.285.00. And gasket part would be 300.00 . I contacted back to confirm message and advised I would be home at noon this day. When he arrived I was on the phone speaking with car insurance company regarding adding home policy Tim was present at the time of my conversation and overheard my situation and offered to help me find homeowners insurance. While I was speaking on the phone he handed me my contract that showed the amount of 1.285.00 and I signed and gave 300.00 cash to start the project. i asked for a copy of the contract and a receipt for cash given he quickly stated he forgot his receipt book but not to worry he should be done by Friday. I explained to him that the form copy as well as the receipt was needed to balance what am able to afford. He then said to me if you cant pay no more then 100.00 every 2 weeks I will accept that. On the next business day he contacted me at or around 10 am and he left a detailed message advising he has found more issues with my car and hat he was unable to salvage an auto part and would need to replace it so he has installed on my vehicle a used piece his cost was 300.00 out of his pocket so I would have to pay a new bill of 1,785.00 but will discount it down to 1.500.00. I immediately contacted back and stated that was entirely too high I could not afford that and to please remove some repairs off my list exhaust and muffler. He quickly said I will do the muffler at no additional charge. I then said too him if I have signed for 1,285 in repairs why now is it going to verbally change? I then stated to him a new contract as well as the old was needed for my records. We agreed to meet 7/16/2018 because at this point I was in desperate need of my car and was in fear of missing time from classes and also needed to safely take my children to there summer school program. He met with me at my home again due to no transportation and collected from me the first installment towards the payment agreement. I asked for the copies of new contract and payment record he stated he forgot them again and the car would be ready on the next business day of 7/18/2011. And a receipt would be ready on the morning of 7/18/2018 he contacted me at 11.00 am and advised my car was not ready and the proceeded to advise of all these additional repairs never agreed to and stated 7/19/2018 car will be ready. 7/19/2018 I contacted him and he advised car was not ready due to the heat service members were moving slow and 7/20/2018 car will be ready on 7/20/2018 i contacted and this time did not get Mr. Beach on line but a service repair man that stated the car was not serviced. I explained to him that I needed my ar and left my cell and home number asked if they were located at the Auto Shop previously assumed T&S location and he quickly said yes. On 7/21/2018 I decided to pay the shop a visist and asked 3 male neighbors to assist me with transportation. When I arrived at what I thought was his place of buissness I was told no such person works there and that they didnt do autorepairs just collision. I quickly called the number and at this point my phone calls were being ignored they wouldnt answer from both my home or cell numbers. When the person providing transportation contacted they answered and gave there location. When I arrived I was shocked to see that my car was at a chopshop on a back road and service was being done out of a makeshift autoshop that appeared to ne a trailer. I requested my car keys and advised that if my car was not serviced I wanted to take it and they may keep the monies given and asked for my contract as well as proof of payments the service attendant stated he was not authrized to do so and that he could not give me my keys he would have to contact Timothy he did so and told him that I was in the shop with 3 men and that we were there to cause problems. He handed me the phone I requested my keys and was told that I now habe to pay balance in full. He verbally assualted me and denied any further payment installments and would not give me recipts and proof of our doing buissness. He ordered his shop to be closed down for 5 days and I was denied access on the property to make any payments at all. He placed my car in impound 07/25/2018 began to then attempt to add to the bill owed a storage fee. I retrived my vehicle with a spare key and took possesion of my vechile and filed a lawsuit against him I believe Timothy was trying to steal my car and sell it he was already aware I had no proof of transactions and no money to pay the new verbal fee of 1.500.00 and had a legal contract of 1.285.00 with my signature the storage fees alone would amount to the value of my car with repairs done if sold. My car is in hiding am unable to drive he has keys to my car and at anytime if my guard is down take it. I am left with out a car and in fear of a lein or worse.

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