Baby Blue Frenchbulldogs

Baby Blue Frenchbulldogs

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Published: 07 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Danny and Sandy Shane aka Babyblue Frenchies, In oct 2018 I met these people as a friend and me were looking at thier dogs I had heard some stuff about them and a bad deal they did a lifelong friend but I hadnt heard the whol,e story so I picked out a pup was origanally interested in two but we changed our mind to one. I sent them a deposit check sandy contacted me said they dont like checks they like cash again wanting us to directly put cash into thier account i declined I drove the following weekend put down my grand and got a contract which stated the pup for 6grand was to be picked up at 10 weeks. Great at about seven weeks i was told oh since your in area you can have pup at 8weeks.Mr SHANE A X COP IS VERY PUSHY WITH MONEY DRILLS YOU UNTIL HER GETS,,iI HIS WAY i exsplained I had a seroius health issue and was going into hospital I keep getting told he needed it done so to appease him from my hospital bed I wired 2000.00 wester union trhe max I could and stated Id pick her up when recovered. Which 2weeks later I did dog was paid in cash. Deal done. I seen and heard terrible things about mr ansd mrs shane since and in fact the dog I paid 6grand for has never produced a live litter yet and has loose hips.I never bashed them or went to them. I was made awear that the shanes actually had stolen another well known breeders bloodlines to get thjier start a dirty deal indeed months of harrasing this person stealing her bloodlines poor sool was forced by this brut to settling. What a shame you cant even trust someone you grew up with.i heard again from him before making horrible comments when my family was grieving the death of a beloved neice a monster. NEXT i HEAR FROM HIM MAY 18 CALLING MY HOUSE PHONE THREATINHG ME. i was sold a sick dog in january so I could not get resolve with the huge vet bills so I sued this other breeder in civil court danny claimed to be hired not true.The other guy which settled with me said no. But the bully persisted my minor grandchild (who his wife and hime know)was contacted at school with hate mail he encited violence on facebook against me I had someone(wonder who)get someone brook into my yard poored a sticky poison all over yard and into garage damaging over 600 in dog food I had to get a restraining order and it was granted gto protect my family.THIS IS CRAZYNESS i ALSO HEARD THIS SAME PERSON HAS HUNG PAPERS ON HIS DOGS IVE HEARD OF MANY INSTANCES WERE THIS GUY HAS BULLIED AND BEEN CRUEL TO ANYONE WHO OPOSES HIM.ITS TO BAD iVE NEVER BEEN SUED and its not my style to bash anyone the whole idea of posting crap online to rui peoples livleyhood is beond believe but after the juge over and over says no contact directly or indirectly he contins to bager me post nastyness on fasebook ive got 30pages of bully behavior.I wonder what elce hes been mean about but I get comments daily mailed to me. BE CAREFUL LOOK ELCEWERE unless you want to be treated cruel like hes done to me.All in all enciting violence against a person is mean and cruel and a grown man and woman should know better the bulldog world has plenty of buyers no reason to steal and be cruel I know now why people commit suiside over this stuff Ive been destroyed by this.

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