Baby Boy Hart

Baby Boy Hart

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Published: 09 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Baby Boy Hart (Nick) and Charlotte run a used RV sales company from one of their homes is Peoria, AZ claiming to be selling their own RV’s on a private party sale as the first owner and needing to sell because they lost their job. They claim that these are private party sales so no tax will apply however that is not the case as is evidenced by the required Notary seal on the title when sold by a dealer. The title will show the owner/seller as “Baby Boy Hart” and will have a different address on the title.These RV’s are bought around the southwest and then put on Craig’s List as for sale by owner. Ads are typically riddled with spelling errors and the usual description is: First owner, non-smoker, no pets, must “sale”. Ads are run on the Phoenix and Tucson Craig’s List. If you do searches of their phone numbers, you will see that they run ads around the southwest looking for used RV’s. Ads like, will pay cash for your RV. Will buy as is. The phone numbers are: 602-334-0781 and 602-451 6279.When called, Charlotte will answer and tell you that the listed RV is her RV and she must sell because she lost her job. She will also tell you that she is the first owner and is heart broken that she must sell.When you arrive at 9359 W. Sanna, Peoria, AZ, you will see the RV in the drive but then a man named Nick will be there to show you the RV. When asked, Nick is not always up on the story that Charlotte told. Nick’s standard story is that the RV actually belonged to Charlotte’s uncle who sold it to her and now she must sell due to the fact that they don’t have time to camp because he has to work all the time. If you drive around the house, you will usually see 1 or 2 more RV’s sticking up over the privacy fence in the back yard as it is a corner lot with an RV gate. They just rotate out the RV that they are trying to sell that day for viewing on the street or drive.When inspecting, you will find papers in the vehicles such are repair invoices in other people’s names verifying that all of the above about them being the first owner is untrue and that nothing has been done to the RV aside from buying and driving to their house and parking it. This tells you that they are so removed from the transaction that they don’t even bother to clean out the previous owners papers before trying to sell. If you question them, they actually know very little about what works or how things work and will not have a hook-up available to show or test. Instead, they will reduce the price to try to make up for not having a hook up. After the deal is done, you will find that they try to back out of other parts of the deal that you made and just send you on your way.Beware of this Craig’s List seller and go in with your eyes open and know what you are buying. Because they are willing to lie about every single thing they are selling, you must ensure that you test everything and make sure to know what you are buying. That is if you must have what they are selling…………These RV’s are simply junk that they buy around the southwest and then try to flip as being their own through lies and deceit. If you know what you are buying, understand the game they are playing and get the right price, you could do okay as they actually do own the vehicles however, they prey on people who do not understand this and that is where the problem is. If you have to lie to sell something, well, that tells the whole story.

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