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Published: 30 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I answered an ad run in Craigs list at the end of December and had 3 interview calls vis telephone and was hired as a business loan originator for $15 per hour plus commission as a percentage of any loan placed. By agreement payroll was to be paid on the 15th and last day of each month. The first by check and subsequent by direct deposit. I received 3 hours of training an outlook email address and log-in info to use an online VOIP phone dialer & CRM. Each morning there was a conference number provided that I was to call and have a kickoff conversation with Royce. The CRM (Phoneburner) was loaded with new trigger contacts that I was to call and introduce myself to determine if the account needed funds for their business. I was trained to represent myself as working for BAC Funding a wholesale bank making loans with normal terms and payment schedules to small & medium sized business and encouraging the account to remit an application plus supporting banking information and they would hear back from Steve Royce within 24-48 hours with an offer for financing. | I worked from Tuesday, Jan 2, 2017 through Friday, January 12th and submitted time sheets for the two week period as required. I expected to be paid the following Monday January 15th. Since Monday was Martin Luthor King Jr Day I would have to wait until the following day to request proof of payment. On Tuesday the 16th I received an email alerting me to a Scam Report about Steven Royce & BAC Funding as well as other companies Steven Royce represented. The report stated that this individual was working for Steve Roy or Royce for several weeks and was never paid for his work. Mysteriously, the email disapeared from my file minutes later. I then received an email from Steven Royce stating emails were being sent reporting a phony scam and I should ignore them. I started asking question and asked for the telephone number to the BAC Fundings HR department so that I could verify that my payroll check had been sent. I was already suspecious by that time and could not get a name or number or answers to other questions such as the location and address of the company. | At that point I informed Royce that I would cease calling accounts until I received good payment for the two weeks already worked. I sent emails to a so called HR person at BAC and requested call backs for verification and have still not received a single response. I asked for verification of the company address and was told the address is on the web site. I called the building management of the location listed on and was told no company exists in the building and none occupied office space at the Virtual Office anywhere in the building. To date I have not received payment and noticed today Steven Royce is re-running the ad I answered in Craigs List looking for another sucker. This guy is a lier, cheat, theif and scam artist and needs to be arrested. He will change his name and company and set up a new free website available to anyone. Don’t work for him you will not get your money. I’m in the process of registering a complaint with the banking commission as well as the Florida Labor Dept.

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