Bad Boy Furniture

Bad Boy Furniture

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Published: 23 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I am in utter disbelief with this company. This was my first trip to Lastman’s Bad Boy where we purchased a large sectional couch made by Kwality Furniture. With in the first month, the frame on the wedge caved in. The wedge was fixed after 2 months waiting and I had to deliver the piece myself to the store. They were “waiting for parts”. We live in Canada…..its a piece of wood……..NOT the “kiln dried oak hardwood” as advertised, it would be a stretch to say pallet pine. After arguing with Bad Boy for over 4 weeks and having them tell me that my claim is against the manufacturer, not Lastman’s. I kindly showed them my contract “Solid Gold Warranty” which names ONLY Bad Boy Furniture, they decided they would honour this warranty. I called in August 2015 to have a service person sent to the house, the recliner mechanism failed and the chair now slants to the left. | Again, determined to be a manufacturer defect and was to be repaired. I called the serice line in Toronto and waited on hold for 35 minutes on bluetooth hold. The lady that answered the phone took my information AGAIN and would have someone call me. No call. I called the store directly in September, they are checking into it with the service department. No call. I call again in October, I’m not getting off the line until someone gives me a date and time for repair. “They are waiting for parts”. November, same thing. I file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, oddly, they aren’t a member. Lastman Bad Boy responds to this complaint on the internet 3 weeks ago, “we would like to contact this customer”. And today is December 22, 2015 and no call, sectional is still broken, now the pull handle on the other recliner fell off. Somehow in all of this, Lastman’s Bad Boy would have me believe that my issue is with a manufacturer that I only happened upon through internet search. They have not honoured the extended warranty, 3 major repairs on a sub-standard piece of furniture THEY choose to put in their showroom. Across the driveway at Tepperman’s where they honoured their warranties I will go from now on. I will continue to steer friends, family and work related purchases away from this “company”. The remnants of the caved frame have been sent to be identified, fairly certain I already know what that answer will be, “that’s not oak hardwood”. That should make for interesting evidence. Bad Boy….we have 4 more years on this magnificent warranty journey.

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Bad Boy Furniture

I am in utter disbelief with this company. This was my first trip to Lastman’s Bad Boy where we purchased a large sectional couch

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