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Bahia Property Management

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Published: 19 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I decided to put my house for rent in January 2018 and chose Bahia Property Management to find a tenant, handle the credit checks and lease paperwork, and generally manage the property. Every person that I dealt with at that company acted like it was their first time ever renting a home. Here are some of my complaints: *They entered my home using the lockbox without any notice whatsoever. My teenage son was home from school that day sick and it seriously scared him that someone unlocked the door and walked into his home. I seriously wonder how many times they have done this when no one was home. -Bahia’s response: We are sorry. Thought since you were moving out at end of week we could come in and take pictures. UNACCEPTABLE. * They listed my personal cell phone number on the MLS listing so every person wanting to see the property called ME to set up a showing. Isn’t that what they are hired for?? -Bahia’s response: We are sorry. This was our mistake. * Since I was now communicating directly with the potential tenants (because of the phone number debacle), we negotiated a quick move-in date of about 10-days. I accepted this hardship but needed Bahia to realize time was of the essence. They moved at the pace of a snail. Again, like they have never done this before. The potential client submitted the application via their website on Saturday, and I didn’t hear back from Bahia until Tuesday (Monday was a holiday and the office was closed–of course it was unreasonable of me to expect for a company in the real estate business to work on a holiday). She did not even know the terms and asked me if I could be out in 30-days. I informed her that I agreed to a 10-day move-in and that yes it was certainly possible. Clueless again. Said she had to go talk to someone else about the terms. *Timing being critical, I called their office and asked the status of the application. She told me she was awaiting HOA approval. In an effort to expedite things, I called the HOA myself and was informed they did not require approval of tenants. Called Bahia and informed them- again… CLUELESS. Wasn’t until several hours later that day that I was told they were approved. * Their website boasts of a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. This is only for their management fees…however they kept my tenants entire first month’s rent for their “finders fee.” Mind you, the tenant’s application states she saw the house on Zillow, and I set-up the showing of the house, and negotiated the terms all on my own—they say they are still justified in keeping this fee because they claim they found the tenant. Lastly, upon firing them, the tenant told me it had been a nightmare on her end dealing with them as well. I gave them 2 keys, they gave her 1 and told her to go make a copy. Made her drive approx 20 miles to their office to sign the lease and pay deposits. Not sure if they know that it is very customary for the realtor/property manager to come to the client. BUT they claim they earned the first month’s rent? CLUELESS. They also allowed the tenant 2 weeks to return the walk-through checklist. This defies logic and the very nature of the document. It is supposed to be completed checklist of all items damaged or statement of the house’s condition BEFORE they are given the keys. This is just a little of my experience but want to warn others DO NOT USE BAHIA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. They are a very amateurish company that is not in the least customer oriented. The new property management company I am now using is phenomenal. They return my calls/emails right away- no matter the time, they always drive to me or the tenant’s home, are very detail oriented with obviously many years of experience behind her. I am happy to be rid of them but believe I deserve the $1500 back that they took from my tenant for first month’s rent that should go to me. I doubt I will ever see it but beware of this incompetent and nefarious company.

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