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Delivered me damaged goods

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Published: 19 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Bailey’s Moving & Storage sounded a good option, but our move didn’t happen as planned.
The company handled my belongings and didn’t deliver the products to me all intact.
The teamwork here didn’t match what I expected from the company.
There was no professionalism from Bailey’s Moving & Storage.
The team didn’t post updates to m email as promised.
Inexperienced driver and irresponsible for his job title.
They didn’t take good care of my precious belongings.
I won’t contact the company again if I am moving to another place and didn’t get attentive from Bailey’s Moving & Storage and they ignored my emails.
Nobody from the team contacted and satisfied my needs.
It is a shame to have had to work with the inexperienced and with poor planning and organizing of deliveries of my belongings.
I kept a diary to write down my experiences and this company is the worst I have had.
They were rude toward me and failed to show me the best customer’s service.
The worst experience I had to move my belongings from one place to another, by a group of unskilled individuals.
The service isn’t the best and delivery charges are a rip-off.
Time is no limit here my belongings didn’t get my new address as planned.
My belongings weren’t taken care of and weren’t packed with professionalism and patience in the truck.
Instead of the less cost-effective method, the cost increased at Bailey\’s Moving & Storage.
The move wasn’t organized or planned thorough and no smooth deal here.
I had items broken and damages on different items this is disappointing, and I needed everything from my belongings. The condition of my goods shocked me!
The crew didn’t manage fine with the packing of fragile goods and of other goods. These accidents weren\’t prevented by the packing crew leaving them to take responsibility for the damaged goods.
However, the packing crew didn’t give a care for the delivery to arrive as planned and packed my belongings as they wished.

They sent damaged goods. This was a disappointment to me and the charges are high for the loss of damaged goods.
Delivery charges were overpriced and unacceptable!
I wasn’t compensated for my damaged goods due to the expensive rate of insurance cover.
It is a nightmare to work with their unskilled employees at Bailey\’s Moving & Storage.
They take no responsibility for damaged goods which I think is unfair to me.
A terrible attitude from the team to me and isn’t worth my valuable money spent there.
I don’t see care for customer’s goods and for customer’s service.
Nothing approached with perfection from Bailey\’s Moving & Storage.
The goods were in their hands and are their responsibility to have taken care of it.
I don’t see the interest they have for customers’ belongings, and in the condition, a customer receives the goods.
No recommendation to Bailey\’s Moving & Storage for the awful experience I had.
The team isn\’t capable of following directions and aren’t good at their jobs.

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