Baldev Sandhu, M.D.

Baldev Sandhu, M.D.

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Published: 27 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I went to visit with Dr. Sandhu because I saw that he was offering a new non-invasive neck lift with a no scar option for tightening loose or lax skin under the chin. During our visit, Dr. Sandhu explained how the machine worked and what he could do for me. Dr. Sandhu did say that for me, because I am in my early 40’s that it is more of a preventative rather then a correction because my neck is already in great shape, but he is seeing slight signs of platysmal bands that he could zap with the same machine while inside with the probe and make them retract back giving me many more years before I would actually need to have those platysmal bands pulled back with a short scar surgery. This all seemed so perfect as he was very convincing that he could tighten and pull those bands back as a preventative for the near future. I booked my appointment as he was so convincing he could “freeze” time for me for many future years and at the same time get rid of slight banding that just now started to show. Well, I did the procedure within that week. The first week or two I was swollen with tumescent fluid still handing in my neck area, but that is o.kay as I had no real pain or bruising. He said no corset was needed on the neck which I thought was odd because that is what binds the muscle back to the skin, but he insisted that I not have one. After about 3 weeks, I noticed that my barely there “neck bands” all of a sudden popped out with a vengeance and traveled down my whole neck on both sides. I had at least 4 lumps that were present on my neck and intense necklace lines formed from this. I started panicking and sent pictures to the doctor begging him to please fix this mess and he said to come into his office. I went in and he snapped some pictures and manipulated my posture so that he could take pictures that were somewhat equal to the ones before the procedure. I kept saying thats not the angle in which you can see the damage, you have to take the picture straight on with my chin back to see the mess, but he refused to take that photo. I was so frustrated and just looked at him and said, listen, my neck aged about 10 years since you did this procedure on me and i am asking you to please just fix it. He said to me, “sometimes you have to accept the aging process and yes it can happen over night”……….I was in disbelief that he said that. Not only was that ignorant and dismissive, but rude as well. Hey doc, all these procedures are made for women of my age stupid, not for the 20 year olds, but for the late 30’s, 40’s and 50’s on up. This doctor made comments that it took too much to set up the room and machine to redo the procedure and maybe if he were to get a training crew to come in that he would call me. Of course he never did, it was his way to dismiss me and to not have to deal with the trauma he has caused. My neck looks horrible, I now need an extensive neck lift and platysmal bands sutured. I have visited two other plastic surgeons that confirmed that Sandhu ruined my skin as it was obviously heated up too much and not procedure not done correctly and he aggrevated the muscles and seperated them even more so that they popped out like an old womens neck. I am horrified and disgusted with his so called professional behavior.

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