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Published: 26 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I went to buy a car there. When I got the car it was a great car. After taking the car off the lot, I notice that there was a transmission problem. So I took the car to my auto place. After looking at it they told me that the check engine light is on. But it is not on in the dash. So after that they told me that the Transmission ECM is bad and needs to be replaced. It will be around $700 for the part. I went back to the dealer and talked to Orlando. He told me that the car works and “LETS WAIT TILL THE CAR GETS FUNDED”. I asked what do you mean, He replied we need to have the car funded before you can make any claims on the warranty for repair. So I called them and they told me that they do not cover that part. So I went back to the dealer and they told me that they will pay and have it fixed. About 2 days later the dealer called me and stated that we need the down payment. I asked that I do not pay that till the car gets fixed. Then they told me that the car will not get funding if they do not get the down payment. I advise them that I would like to bring the car back and not do the deal. Orlando told me that I will have to take to Dave Ball. So I went into the dealer and I talked to Mr. Ball. He told that that he cannot get the car funded if the down payment is not made. I told him that the car is not working and that I do not want the car. He told me that he cannot fix the car without the funding. (I know how bad that sounds but my head was not on straight was not thinking at the time Just found out that I am not the dad of my son for over 9 years). So I asked him what I should do. He told me once the car gets funded I will call the warranty company and do the claims myself. I asked him if that is legal and He told me that it is fine as long as you do it right. It kind of sounded fishy but He told me that he will take care of it, But first I will need to get the car loan funded. Mr. Ball told me to let the bank know how much that I Put down when they call. The bank never called me and the funding went thru. Now the car AC went out and the car will not pass smog. So I took the car back to my auto shop and the tech looked at it again and the Check Engine light is back on but not in the dash. So they took the dash apart and notice that the lamp was covered in dark black marker, this is why it did not show up in the dash. If i would have seen that I would never bought the car. So I ran car fax on the car and at the time the car was still owned by Ball Auto It failed smog for a check engine light. So I went back to the dealer. I told Mr. Ball the warranty company will not fix the car. He told me that I do not have to give the down payment till the car is fixed. I told him that I just do not want the car anymore. He told me it is too late to take the car back since it has been funded. I told him what you mean, you told me that I had to have the car funded then you will take care of getting the car fixed. He told me that only if the warranty place will cover it. I then left made two payments on the car. I talked to my wife and she told me to let them take the car and take Legal Action on the dealer for Fraud.

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