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The doctors there don’t have any idea of what they do!

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Published: 08 May 2019

Posted by: Irving

Never go to Ballantyne Endodontics. They did a messy root canal in my mouth and I had to get an expensive treatment elsewhere. If I had relied on these people, I might have remained in excruciating pain for a long time. Their so-called specialists are too full of themselves and they don’t like it when you point out their errors. I had become a regular visitor to the place for the past few months. The place had a calm vibe and it wasn’t possible for me to doubt their capabilities in any sense. They were quite professional and I used to enjoy going there. Then, one day, the doctor suggested me to get a root canal for one of my teeth. I was fine with it. Although I was a little afraid and their prices seemed a little more than usual, I didn’t mind. I was paying through my insurance plan so I had no difficulties in that regard. Now I know, after suffering for weeks, that I should have never gotten a root canal at that place. Their doctors are too careless and pathetic to do such procedures properly. They are better off doing checkups and cleanings. I made the mistake of going there for my root canal. When the procedure got done, they told me to come back only after 3-4 weeks. Now, after getting a root canal, sometimes the patient feels a little pain in the treated area. I was feeling quite a lot of pain there. Eating, speaking, all those tasks became quite difficult for me. The pain was just too much for me to handle. I ended up contacting them within 2 weeks of the root canal. The doctor said I should just wait for the pain to subside. It didn’t happen. The pain was still there. One of my friends suggested going to a different dentist for a second opinion. I was a little reluctant in getting a second opinion but I ended up going. This other dentist told me that my root canal wasn’t done properly and that was leading to this much toothache. I couldn’t believe that dentist at that time. But when he showed me a picture of the root canal and explained everything, it began to make sense. I contacted Ballantyne Endodontics regarding their messed up the root canal. Those people didn’t accept their fault. They told me that I should visit them and let them examine the situation. When I went there the doctor there told me that I’ll need a different treatment!! They just kept urging me to get another treatment, which I knew, was for the messed up root canal. But they never accepted their fault. They didn’t issue me any refunds nor did they gave me any kind of compensation for their negligence. The way they handled this affair really disappointed me. I’m not going back there. What if they mess up in this treatment too? So I’m better off away from those people.

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