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Published: 13 February 2018

Posted by: SupportEthicalBreeders

After meeting a reputable breeder and seeing how much different they raise their pups (indoors, health tested parents, already potty trained, prenatal care, etc), I am so glad I did not go with paul and did my research + saved up for years before finally deciding who to go fact he never called me back like he said he would, so we are so thankful we didnt go with him… Go find a reputable breeder who health screens their breeding stock and breeds ethically! No responsibly bred puppy should come with parasites or health problems. Btw I am asian, and I get the cultural difference in how he rears his dogs and breeds em, but still you should be supporting a breeder who is trying to improve the breed through ethical means and not just doing it for profit. Anyone who supports paul has clearly never seen or met a real responsible and accredited breeder and only selfishly want the iconic doge. Yes, his dogs are cheap / more affordable – but come with many problems. When I asked him if he health tested, I think thats when he realized I wasnt a fool like his regular clientele and after our first visit to his kennel he just never contacted me even though he said he would put us on his list. It was then I continued my research and met with an actual show breeder who health tests and raises her pups right (only 1-2 litters a year – paul has like a new litter every month, the poor babies were born right on the ground with no bedding!)… My pup was raised indoors, came potty trained (5 months now and never had an accident! Slept 8 hours through the night since 14 weeks old), well socialized, confident and loves everyone and everything. Loud noises dont scare him, he was raised inside with dish washers and household noises. The difference is real, yo. My pup is proof that you get what you pay for. The most important thing is not how much you spend, cause if you really want to make sure your companion will be healthy to the best of your ability for next 15-18 years of their life with you then money is not an issue. I save many years to afford my puppy from a well bred line around 2k. Thats only a grand more than what paul charges and yet comes health tested lines and lifetime breeder support. We get to visit our breeder every other month, and my boy even gets to see his relatives and mom. They help us whenever we need assistance, whether that be training or health advice. Thats the difference in what you pay for! I attached a photo I took on my first visit to bamboo. Compared to where my puppy lived and how he was raised, I now understand and feel terrible for the condition of these pups. It’s no wonder the other complaint on this site to them is about unhealthy pups with parasites! He has so many dogs all in outside kennels or dark, dingy indoor kennels… Puppies have no toys or retrospect, my boy was spoiled. Lived inside in a nice, warm house with individual attention and care. Lots of toys and stimulants plus clicker training by 6 weeks old. If you think about human developmental process, its the same thing… You stick a small child in a dark, cold place with no toys or stimulation and another child in a warming environment with all the tools they need to succeed… Which one will do better in life? And you are supporting the people rearing them by giving them your money. The money that goes to paul goes into his pockets. The money I spent on my breeder went back into her breeding program, show and health test costs, prenatal care, etc… Just my 2 cents. Seriously though, go to to find a reputable breeder in your area. I drove up to near seattle to get mine from a trustworthy and reputable show breeder who cares about preserving the health and beauty of this magnificent breed. Paul is considered a backyard breeder and nearly a mill because of the amount of dogs he has.

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