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A total disappointment!

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Published: 25 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I booked a tour and from the start, I had negative insights. The cruise wasn’t what like advertised. The late start caused an inconvenience.

There was serious lack of information about dolphins to be seen on the cruise. A mistake I made to go with friends on this tour. What supposed to be an educational trip turned out to be boring and nothing about education.

A depressing trip and I would not book a trip with Banana Bay Tour Company. I don’t recommend a boring cruise and nothing interesting to see out there.

Banana Bay Tour Company is not a popular company. It does not have what you are looking for in this expensive package deal. The light snacks on board did not make me feel any better than the start of the trip. I did not see a dolphin in the water. The cruiser was crowded, and I could not see much around in the water. A picnic on the shore was a great idea to cheer us but that too got over quickly.

Nature is beautiful but not with Banana Bay Tour Company. I did not find the trip enjoyable.

Staff members on the cruise were not friendly and did not know much about the tour. The staff did not stop for a long time to watch nature in the sea. It was unpleasant, got me bored and tired. A lack of knowledge about the cruise was not impressive coming from professionals.

The poor knowledge of wildlife did not improve on the excitement of the trip booked with Banana Bay Tour Company.

Staff members did not go the extra mile to make the trip a success on the water. The trip did not have a nice atmosphere.

The staff wasn’t patient on the cruise. They wanted to call it a day sooner than the time had ended. I did not see people feel happy on this trip. It is not possible to recommend Banana Bay Tour Company for tour bookings after what I went through.

You can forget about going on this trip. I regret going on this trip because of the lack of customer’s service and lack of knowledge of the tour that staff neglected to inform us. There was no positive feedback from Banana Bay Tour Company and would not recommend this boring trip to anyone.

It is up to no good and hasn’t taught me anything interesting about nature at sea, especially when the tour guide didn’t have much to say about the trip.

I was dissatisfied with seeing dolphins in the distance. There was no educational lecture to enlighten us about dolphins. A short trip with more view of the sea I did not have an amazing trip and will not recommend a below-average company to anyone. The Banana Bay Tour Company is not special or worthy to book a tour with. You will not get what you want for the package deal. The whole experience will leave you feeling disappointed. I did not feel satisfied with everything on this cruise. The people, not being able to see dolphins and the short trip had no excitement.

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