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Published: 10 October 2018

Posted by: iam4u

I bought a car at Bangor Car Care and paid cash and within 6 hours the ABS/Brake light came on. This was on a Saturday, I called Erica the saleswomen and she said to bring it in on Monday. On Monday I took the car to the Brewer Location and met Scott the Service Manager, He checked the car out and said he need to order a ABS pump and it would take a couple of day. He also told me that I could drive the car until it was fixed. On Thursday of that week I called him back and he set an appointment for the following Monday as the part should be in by then. When I dropped the car off that Monday he said the part that was sent was the wrong one so he woudl have to order another and he would call and set an appointment. I called the end of that week and he set the appointment for the following Tuesday. Now I dorpped my car off that day and the when I went to pick it up Scot told me that the part that came in was cracked. Here we go again. I continued to call and go in for the next 4 weeks. No part and no service so I am angry by now and start to threaten them with a law suit. Scott calls and leaves a message on my answering service saying that I need to stop calling him and he will call me when the part comes in. Now I call the Office Manger who gives me the run around for 3 days and then I demand to talk to Glenn, He is not available (suprise) so I leave several messages for several days on his voice message. He never calls. I had a death in the family so for two weeks I could not deal with this car. I then call them back and suprise Scott no longer works there and they have no record of my van ever being worked on and no part on order. The new sales manager (who is a women) is a very rude person she not only screamed at my husband on the phone, but in person. I went in that next day to personally see Glenn, well his first response is if you are not with teh media or marketing, he did not want to talk to us. Then he started screaming at us and telling us to shut up an dcalled me a “Redheaded B****” moare than once. I simply looked at him and said you are a very rude and dishonest person and shame on you for taking advantage of people. He again screamed “I told you to shut up”. They looked at the vehicle and put in a couple of fuses and cleaned the connections and said the car was fixed. What a joke. I would never treat even an angry customer they way we were treated and I hope that no one ever gets that treament again. BANGOR CAR CARE NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN TO SAVE THE PUBLIC FROM CRUEL AND ABUSIVE TREATEMENT. HE HAS BEEN IN JAIL ONCE FOR INSPECTION FRAUD, I THINK HE DID NOT LEARN HIS LESSON.

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