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An unexperienced Investment Broker- Barbara F Beck

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Published: 24 June 2019

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Each one of us wants to buy or sell a home. Finding a home to buy is stressful so you need to seek help from experienced investment brokers. The investment brokers who sometimes work as real estate brokers serve as the intermediary of the buyer and the seller. They sanction their clients to purchase bonds, stocks or any security exchange using their negotiation skills. They also offer investment advice or retirement planning guide. It is so ill-stared that some of these investments brokers are uncooperative on their role during the purchasing.

Purchasers fall in the hands of these discouraging investment brokers and later end up losing their money, wasting time and worst of all failure to get what they needed. Barbara F Beck is one of those unconstructive investment traffickers who waste time and money for the urgent purchasers. She comes in the of helping investors explore their investment options. Buyers have used her and end up regretting when things go wrong. I am full of regrets and rage whenever I remember the empty help she offered to me. Genuinely she has offered her woeful and self-centered services to many of her clients.

To get urgent buyers, she promises to guide them through the purchasing process from the first step to the last. She is an awkward investment broker who uses her title “Senior Lending Officer” of Bank of America to promote her empty intermediary services. In this article, people will know the actuality backing this inexperienced broker. If you’re thinking of using her to buy a home, you might transmute the idea after reading this article.


About Barbara F Beck


It is important for a person before involving them in your plans. Barbara F Beck is a neighborhood Senior Lending Officer in Morristown, New Jersey. On her website, she says that she is an investment broker with an experience of 20 years. She works under the Bank of America 146 Headquarters Plaza, Morristown, New Jersey zip code 07960 the United States of America. Her National Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (NMLS) identification number is 190854908.334.8516.

If searching for her website, she is found on the search engine at Bank of America mortgage loan officerlocator in Morristown, New Jersey. On her website, she has outlined the services she offers under her area of expertise as, home equity lines of credit, government loans, self-employed borrowers, lower-to-moderate income borrowers, and community homebuyer assistance class.

As a lending and investment broker specialist, she wants to find a “right” home loan for her clients. She has some resources that have information about steps followed to get home. Some of her resources are Better Money Habits, Real Estate Center and Down Payment Resources. She has also written several articles about the home buying process. The current articles areyour 5-step guide, understanding various types of mortgages, mortgage prequalification vs. preapproval, and how to apply for a mortgage. Her popular articles are about the home outlook. On this, she has written articles like what to consider before buying an investment home, neighborhood research, 5 ways to discover the best are for you, top features on home buying apps among other previous articles. In these articles, she sounds so professional in the home buying process and I among many clients have fallen into her empty help.





Barbara F Beck wasted my time and money

I needed to buy a new home for the first time and so I thought of taking help from Barbara. I heard about her from a friend though the friend had not taken her services. Before engaging her to my plans I had done my research and made listings of particular homes of my interest. I had done my survey on distance and some aspects of the area of my interest. I needed a home nearest to the market with a practical location. Because I knew what I wanted I had calculated the amount I needed using the affordability calculator. 

I clearly explained everything to her concerning my desired home including a good neighborhood. She asked for financial information about my income and the savings amount plus my available investments. She keenly viewed the information and told me that according to my income I can afford a home worth $200,000. This was funny because on my calculations and comparison of my annual house allowance I could not afford that amount. She wanted me to preapprove for credit after providing my W-2 statements, bank account statements and the paycheck stubs after she verified everything. I never wanted anything to do with the installments. I needed to buy my home in cash.

Now that I needed a cash purchase and my affordability was below average compared to what she had mentioned. So she suggested other homes worthy of my affordability. I believed she was an experienced investment broker so I agreed on her suggestions. The information about the neighborhoods and the nature of her suggested homes was exactly what I needed. I had to accept her offer and there I changed my mind on buying the kind of homes I had put down on my interest list. She told me that there is no need for touring the homes because she had already confirmed their condition. She assured me that the home has a well-set plumbing system with strong water pressure, the electrical system is functional and all the doors and the windows are working properly. She had some pictures for the home compound and the neighborhood so whatever I saw I was satisfied with it. I was eager to move to that “beautiful” home.

Things were too fast because at that point she contacted the seller who later joined us in Barbara’s office. We discussed everything and she played the role of being a good banker perfectly. Luckily the seller was so cooperative and with no hesitation, he accepted what I could afford. I trusted Barbara so I had nothing to worry about. I signed the ownership agreement for the place and completed the payments through the methods Barbara had recommended me to. After that, the seller handed me the home keys. But I had no idea that the home looked like crap.

I was so disappointed after finding out that everything Barbara had told me about the home was a lie. The home compound, plumbing and electrical system, walls, doors, and windows were a mess. The home needed a thorough and expensive renovation. I thought I mistook the address but the reality was Barbara misled me to buy that wreck. I contacted to inform her about the mess she had put me in but instead, she hanged up without any positive answer. I called and emailed her endlessly but she never responded to any of my calls or emails.

After three days I visited her office but she was absent for a vacation of one month. I wanted to sue her but I calculated the expenses I might use for that and I found it will be another huge loss. I sold the trash-like-home at a throwaway price with a 40% loss. I am full of lamentation when I remember the loss that b*tch brought about in my life. I thought she is an experienced and trustworthy investment broker but she is a proficient greedy scammer. Buyer beware of this phony racket. 


Related Complaints 

Many clients have complained about this rapacious investment broker called Barbara F Beck. Referring to a review on her website the client has complained about how ignorant Barbara is. When things go wrong she no longer wants to be a part of the purchasing process. I among other clients have experienced her ignorant nature when things go as not expected. Barbara F Beck is not transparent or efficient and you should not use her in investment purchasing. Her services are crummy and she should not be trusted.





People are working hard day and night to save enough money to buy homes of their dream. But many materialistic and foxy brokers come across in the name of helping but they are fake. They offer purportless services only to benefit themselves without minding their clients. Barbara F Beck uses her tricks to chop money from desperate buyers who thrust to own a home. What she did to me was not legal and I don’t wish an innocent buyer to fall into her nonsensical suggestions and broking.

Buyers should beware of this enthusiastic investment broker who is using her position to earn fast money from helpless buyers like me. People should be committed to ensuring these kinds of scammers are not successful in society. Working with them shows how much we as a society have failed. They should be fired from their positions and stopped from rendering their unhelpful services to serious buyers. If you were thinking of involving her in your investment purchases please think of otherwise to avoid disappoints and money loss.

Have you ever encountered Barbara F empty services? If yes, what should be done to stop her? Please share about your regretful experience with this investment broker.



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