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Published: 18 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I rented a back house from Barbara Wellington for two years. In that time period, many things in the house (window blinds, windows themselves, kitchen counters, furnace) would mysteriously break on their own. I chalked this up to the fact that everyting was very old and not taken care of by her. When things would break I would ask her in writing to fix them of which she never would and instead complained that she didn’t have the money to fix them. Upon moving out, I demanded a walk through of the house since I had cleaned it immaculately. We do the walk through and she tried to start blaming me for things that were broken in the house. i told her I had alerted her of these things before and I would not pay for them as I had proof of letting her know of these things. A month later she sent me my security deposit back with a statement of deductions she had illegally taken from me. The following is her justification: Rust stains on porch steps – $13 Remove mildew behind shower wall – $38 (This is in fact mold growing behind the wall that I told her about after my first month of living there and that legally she needed to have someone come out and fix it. She never acknowledged this) Replace broken mini-blind – $19 (This was broken when I moved in and she rigged it so you couldn’t tell until the first time I tried to open the blinds) Sweep garage and dust in closets – $50 Kitchen counter end piece missing – $10 (I again told her about this the first week I moved in. She had tried to glue this piece back on and it fell off once I moved in) Clean outside of windows on 2nd floor – $230 Let’s start with the first; why am i being charged for rust on some porch steps that are outside? AM I now responsible for what rain does to concrete??? Second; it costs $50 to sweep a garage? And there was no dust in the closets. She left all the windows open after our walk through and dust most likely came in the house. And lastly; since when is a tenant responsible for cleaning the outside of windows on the second floor of a home? And why does it cost $230? My advice is to stay far away from this lady and do not rent from her. Beside the fact that everything in that house is old and falling apart of which she refuses to replace when asked, she allows her dogs to bark at your front door all day and night and never does anything to keep them quiet. If she is so broke and cant afford to maintain a rental house then she has no business doing so. Ripping off your tenants for their security deposit is pathetic!

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