Barber Dealer Group - Shawn Mathews

Barber Dealer Group - Shawn Mathews

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Published: 01 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On 30 June 2001, I purchased a new 2000 Mercury Marque from Mike Curran, the Lincoln Mercury Dealer, that was subsequently taken over by Barber Dealer Group On 1 July 2004 I called for an appt. because my A/C Heater Fan had quit working a week or so before this date however, we had gone on vacation and therefore unable to take the car in. I was given a Jul 6 appt. Shawn Mathews, the service advisor, called me with an estimate of $900.00. $590 for the part and the remainder for labor. I requested that he contact Ford Motor Co. and ask for this to be covered under the warranty as this was not a normal “wear & tear” item. The warranty had expired on 30 Jun 04, 1 day prior to me making the appt. He asked where I got my car serviced and I replied I had my oil changes done by Quality Lube. He replied that since I was not a “Loyal Ford Customer” he doubted that there was anything he could do. I told him that I had purchased 3 new Ford made vehicles from local dealers and therefore I considered myself a very loyal Ford customer. I was told that he contacted Ford and my request was denied, but that I should be pleased that he was able to save me quite a bit on the repair bill. The part was $98.49 and labor 439. for a total of 544.75 incl. tax. I feel that the whole transaction was dishonest and I do not believe Ford Mtr. Co was contacted. I also cannot believe that “he saved me” almost $500. on the part. Frances Vallejo, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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