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Published: 15 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

In septembre 2012 i got a mail from Glenn Roeder. i had won a lotteypprice and it would be only 50 euro to claim the price. no tax or fees to be paid, contact Glenn Roeder. I did contsact him and asked him id it ould be only 50 euro, yes madam only 50 euro. But that was i lie. Ihad to aoyall taxes and fees more than once. ive aid all over and over, I got every times the promises, swearings and guarantees that the funds (1 milion euro ) would be send immdiately after i had paid. But than the bank couldnt send it, the amount was to bg, Mr. Roeder would coe to My home and hand it over in person, i had to pay for that, He never came. It would n be send again, i had to pay for that, it asnt send. So it would be brought again by Mr, Roeder., again had to pay for that, he never came. Than it would be bruoght by UPS delivery services, had to apy for that, after paying it was canseld, dont know why.than it would be send again, paid for that, it would be dei livered by DHL, had to pay for that. Was canseld the next day after i had paid for it. It had to be send by the Bank of England, i had to pay for that. week later it was canseld, must be delivered by DHL. ive to pay for that, i can go obn and on. This scam costed me more than 32000 euro, ive depts and problems everywhere. Ive paid all taxes and fees more than once. Opening a account twice, paid transfercost a 50 times and it as never send, now for the 3th time ive to pay for delivery. the man gae me for more than a year promises, swearings, guarantees and not one was kept, it wre all lies. ive paid for 18 months every week. The man has ruined my live with all his lies. i had to pay more than 200 times i think, it costed me more than 32000 euro, and even that was bot enough, ive to py again for delivery because the b Barclays bank couldnt send it, Glenn Roeder got a promotion while he lied and scammed me. thid story is much longer but too long to tell here. So i kept it short, The man isnt to trust, the bank isnt to trust. They all lies to me and ruined my live .

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