Definitely this site needs to be taken down asap. 

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Published: 12 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This site is just a horrifying one and not only need the authorities to look into it. But the government also needs to look into this website as well. Not only there are profiles and people who are openly indicating that they are HIV-positive. There have been instances. Hiv-positive people have taken pleasure in spreading their disease and boasting about it in their profile. There have been instances where a group of individuals who are HIV-positive meet HIV-negative individual to infect him or her. The graphic pictures and the profile pictures on the website are definitely needed to be taken a look at. This definitely encourages. Sexually transmitted diseases like hepatitis C, clymydia  and syphilis.

And many more the sponsored websites are as much as guilty as the website itself adding to the mix of all this are advertisements of drugs like crystal methamphetamine. And other openly use drugs, which is definitely not safe for humans and individuals definitely this needs to be brought under the notice of higher authorities and needs to be taken care of. The site is openly promoting the use of drugs where as the country is fighting against drugs. How could such a website stay? Moreover the open boasting about how an infected individual is infecting a non-infected one and boasting about it. This is just horrible. Something needs to be done about this and not only would I not recommend. This is not something to be recommending.

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