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Published: 24 December 2019

Posted by: Rene Myburgh

Good afternoon Dominic, Avis Car Sales – Croyden (29/6/2018) I trust you will remember who I am, Rene Myburgh, I came in now at 12pm with my husband and brother-in-law. I would like to let you know just how disappointed I am in the way that you treated us today. If we were young like yourself I would say yes that is the way of the young people, but you could see for yourself that we are older, wiser and respectable people and you did not treat us with respect. I would like you to sit and think about the whole sales pitch that you launched at us today. I hope that in your heart you can say that what happened was absolutely uncalled for and with no regard for your customer. My husband, Paul phoned you at 11am to check with you that the car was still available and that we could come and see the car after my brother in law had completed his chemo session at Flora Clinic. You told Paul that you would get back to him. You never did, that was your first dishonesty. Paul again checked with you when we arrived if the car was available, you acknowledged to all three of us that it was and you and Paul still joked that it had not been sold over night. You willingly took us to see the car outside, did your full sales pitch, including answering our questions. You even confirmed to my brother in law that should we sign up now that the extra costs will still be at June”s rate as the rates were going up from July by R250. We indicated to you then that we were interested in the car so we would be doing the deal before the increase. You went to a lot of trouble to take my driver”s license from me and arrange that I could take the car with my husband and brother in law and you. All this time we did not give you any indication that we were not interested in the car. All our questions were asked on the basis that this was going to be a deal for you today. What I want to know is how you managed to deceive us and waited until we returned from the test drive to tell us that the car was not available. I hope now that you can think about it that you do feel ashamed of your actions. Let this wise lady tell you something, there is something under the counter going on between you and your manager, please don”t let me even start to tell you what I think of his rude behaviour towards us, so you have both lied about this so called “staff” member purchasing this car. All three of us saw that when he left your desk when we arrived that he said something to you and from then on we were played by both of you in the most dishonest way. Finally, I doubt whether you or your manager have any intention of getting us another car, or contacting us. So a straight and honest cash deal is of no interest to you. You must remember that even though you might not appreciate the cash deal today, but what other business could you be losing, my brother in law”s company of which he is the CEO purchases 8 cars at a time from you, he has done this for years, do you think that he is bringing that business back to you after he saw how you treated us. We only came to you because of him. I”m extremely disappointed Dominic, I never thought that my car shopping with the two best men in my life would turn out to be like it was, but if we don”t see each other again, then I wish that you will learn from this sale that went sour today. “treat everyone with the same respect as you would want them to treat you”. I never once was disrespectful towards you, remember that. Kind regards Rene Myburgh [protected]

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