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Horrible Experience!

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Published: 20 July 2019

Posted by: Steve

I got a horrible experience when I went to get my teeth cleaned at Barrett Dental Care, and later learned that the insurance company won’t cover the expenses. Bad customer services from the dental care company took me by surprise, and they chose to cancel my appointment.

Their rude manner put me in a bad spot. I couldn’t have dental care treatment at Barrett Dental Care and the bad service I received from the insurance company didn’t improve my problem. Both companies dismissed me from their lists.

The personnel were unfriendly and refused to make another appointment for me. At Barrett Dental Care money is everything and patient care means nothing at this practice. I didn’t know some of the dental care may not be covered by the insurance company. I was disappointed with Barrett Dental Care. And this happens when the staff is not trained to have better skills in communication.

I have had staff members slam the phone and say they don’t want to have anything to do with me when I was one of the patients for dental care. Nobody treats patients poorly at any point in time, but I received the worst treatment. They were cold toward me and I had to find another practice that could take care of my needs. I don’t recommend Barrett Dental Care to others in search of dentists. It is not worthy of my time to recommend a dentist that has no interest in the care of their customers.

It pays to have a mild temperament and to treat patients with the utmost care. At Barrett Dental Care they are unpleasant and unfriendly. Their dentist skills are not good enough to please a patient and I didn’t feel any comfort at Barrett’s practice.

The staff members don’t make patients feel at ease during procedures. I felt hopeless and needed some help from staff members but they were not interested in helping me. There is no care and skills to accommodate patients at the practice. I believed in Barrett Dental Care when I had heard of the company. The misleading information didn’t work out when the insurance company failed to cover dental care expenses. I noticed staff members started to be awful to patients who were in my situation.

Customer’s service is always on top of the to-do list of great businesses. I didn’t see that at Barrett Dental Care. I trusted the practice to take into consideration my situation and work out a different plan to make the payment. Barrett Dental care did not find it in their interest to adjust to another plan for my payment. I regret my visit there and will not recommend Barrett Dental Care to another person.

A dental practice needs to accommodate for needs of the patients to make the appointment as simple as possible. Here at Barrett Dental Care, they don’t even want to hear about such arrangements. It’s a choice they made and it causes inconvenience for patients dealing with this dental care company. I felt Barrett Dental Care did not help me enough with the payment plan and I will not trust their terms again.

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