Barry Drore Of Aharley Inc. Or Sunshine Auto Deals On Ebay

Barry Drore Of Aharley Inc. Or Sunshine Auto Deals On Ebay

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Published: 09 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I purchased a vehicle I thought from Ebay but because I had a zero rating I called the and spoke to Barry to enter a bid. I ended up buying the vehicle by phone. This was my first mistake. I should have know by all the pictures showing the exterior of the vehicle and a few well placed shots of the interior of course omitting the defects. According to the website their were no defects. The reason I bid in the first place was because it was listed as “Actual Mileage” of 93876 miles. Barry was supposed to get the Vehicle History Report – which of course he did not. Now I know why. After the long delay in getting the vehicle(I think they do this on purpose because of a 30 day complaint policy) I could tell that this vehicle had an excess of mileage. I contacted Barry who would not return my emails. It did not shift “smoothly” as described. Their were a miriad of defects of course not listed. I had asked Barry if the car had any leaks or if the Dash was cracked. The response I kept getting to question was “Dont worry. Your neighbours will be jealous.” Of course the car has not stopped leaking and the dash is cracked in two places. I then ordered my own Vehicle History report and wasnt all that surprised to learn that in 2005 the odometer reading was registered as being 159,856 miles. I tried to call Barry to no avail. I then spoke to Elia who was no help. I emailed my request for some money to cover the costs of the future transmission and possibly engine repair. I wanted them to accept some responsibilityi. When Barry did call me back all he did was yell. He seemed to take great pleasure in telling me that I did not buy the vehicle from Ebay! I accept my responsibility in not doing my due diligence but he was not willing to accept his responsibility for lying about the odometer reading. He claims that the vehicle is exempt. Then why did he not put this on the listing instead of putting “actual mileage”. Then he said that is how he bought it. So I guess it must be accurate if that is how he bought it but I’m not supposed to believe it to be accurate because it is exempt Then why the hell would he claim this. He should not have claimed the actual mileage if he did not know this to be true. Of course he did not enter this so called actual mileage when he registered the title. This shows his guilt. I only asked for the price of the shipping and cost for new tires because when he said 50% left on tire which meant no tread. He called and yelled again. He did mention about the 30day complaint policy bulls**t – that’s why he delayed the shipping – oh he did say that if I returned the vehicle he would give me my money back. Yeah right! I already paid once to ship it to Canada now he wanted me to pay again to ship it back. That’s smart Barry! Oh and Ebay was of no help – they facilitated this fraud but they claim no responsibility either. I guess it’s all my fault. An expensive lesson learned. A used car salesman is never honest. These guys get more for these trashed vehicles on Ebay than on their lot. I will be contacting the proper authorities to look into the odometer fraud. Joanne Orleans, OntarioCanada

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