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Published: 11 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Well I sure wasted my day in Harrisburg, PA today. Penndot Sucks! They pay these losers with our tax dollars. Why? They get paid to give the public a difficult time. Yes I’m talking to you Sue Wilson and Tammy the top morons of the group. It’s Christmas time. Go play your little game on your own time. These jerk offs should not be getting anything but a ticket to the unemployment line. Yes, give a peon a job and they have to show how important they are. Guess what? You are the bottom of the barrel and the lowest of the low. I work for a living and have bills to pay. Those imbeciles get paid to do nothing more than push paper and collect fees for the State Government. Here is the kicker, most of them are unhappy and take out their frustrations on the public that pays them. Governor Randell, fire all of those a**holes and replace them with machines that don’t make mistakes! Save us a few dollars. This is the bottom line: “PENNDOT SUCKS”! All I can say is those p***ks that work the window at Penndot need to get real jobs and the State needs to stop giving them handouts. They sure know how to waste a persons day playing their little games. Penndotsucks Carlisle, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

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