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Too arrogant staff

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Published: 19 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

The lender didn’t apologize for their mistakes and is a wrong approach toward customer’s service.
They didn’t approve my loan from a previous bad record on credit debt. There was a problem with the lender in this case. The lender had misplaced my file and used another client’s file and this information mixed up with mine.
This problem won’t resolve unless the lender is open for discussion on the loan deal and on the paperwork. I filled in forms and gave information to the lender. In this experience, the lender didn’t review my loan with a professional team.
The company isn’t stable and no high rates and charges were mentioned in advance. Their problem was to resolve with the team. Unfortunately, the team has no experience in working on loan agreements. Barton Creek Lending Group, LLC didn’t see their mistake I did, and they wouldn’t hear my side of the story. The company caused me stress, frustration, and confusion to a simple loan deal. I wasn’t satisfied with the paperwork information and with the attitude from the team.
It was their fault and they refuse to call me to resolve this case. No help and friendly manner form this company. No communication and team have any training skills for customer’s service. I won’t recommend a company of such character to other clients. My experience wasn’t pleasant or successful at Barton Creek Lending Group, LLC.
I won’t recommend the company for the poor management, and employees’ lack of responsibility in keeping my file at hand. The misplaced file didn’t allow me to have my loan approved.
I don’t believe in the broken promises of the lender and am sorry to have contacted this company to assist me in a loan agreement.
The company has no interest to apologize to me for their mistakes.
It is disappointing to have to an experience mistake such as mine from what was supposed to be a professional team. There were no genuine people here to help with loan agreements and they are rude to clients.
I didn’t feel welcomed in an unpleasant atmosphere.
The purchase of my home won’t happen any time from the negligent team at Barton Creek Lending Group, LLC. There was no pleasure to work with the unprofessional team; it only generated regret and unhappiness for me.
Home loan at this company is a failure when working with amateurs.
There was no communication with clients and paperwork placed with other clients was misplaced.
This type of attitude calls for disappointments and dissatisfaction.
I didn’t get what I paid the upfront fees for and won’t go back to investigate the matter.
The process was silent, and no documents given back to me.
They calculated and miscalculated high rate charges and didn’t inform me of the updates on my case.
I refuse to have nothing to do with the bad performances with Barton Creek Lending Group, LLC.
You should be wary of this company. There are plenty of others who can offer you the same services but with professionalism and care.

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