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Published: 10 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On April 23, my husband Micheal received a letter from Attorney Whit Barton to sell his fathers land as part of his estate stating that if Micheal refused to sign said contract that he would go in front of the judge & sell it anyway & the heirs to Lavonne’s estate namely Micheal & his kin brother(s) & sister would not get as much money if any so against Micheal’s better judgement Micheal signed the contract & faxed it back to Whit Barton the attorney handling the estate under the direction of Micheal’s so called brother which isn’t really Micheal’s brother. Anyway, Whit informed Micheal the sale would be May 15, then a wk. later Micheal didn’t receive anything & contacted Whit Barton every week it’s a different story one week the closing could take up to 45 days from June 2, which I checked & is not factual, then this week on Thursday their supposed to close but yet they were supposed to close June 6 & checks would be disbersed, then the judge has minor surgery which again is not factual because I called the Drew County Courthouse & was told that the judge was in all day Thursday & Friday & that Whit is not on the court schedule to see him as he lied & said so I emailed him when I found that out & he used the fact the judge is in surgery which again is not factual as I checked. I also talked to a realtor the 12th of this month & he said in all Arkansas the longest it takes to settle any land sale is 30 days but generally it is before then. It can be a couple weeks I told the realtor all about what Whit was doing & he informed me that Whit is lying because it only takes 30 days so it’s always an excuse now I’m forced to go file a complaint with the Bar to get him sanctioned & go to Arkansas & sue Whit Barton for breach of contract. All this could’ve been avoided if Whit would’ve just paid this money to Micheal when he got it. To top it off Micheal’s kidney is failing he has an appt. next week to go on dialysis. How cruel can you be?

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