Basic Lawn Mowing, LLC.

Basic Lawn Mowing, LLC.

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Published: 24 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

They get accounts with cheap rates, don’t cut the lawns or do the bare minimum and cut if you complain. Then they sell the accounts to other unsuspecting lawn companies and then they create a new name and start over. You can tell it’s the same company because the owner uses the same cell phone number: 239-888-0888. Other company names that I know of are | Basic Lawn Mowing, LLC ([email& 160;protected] 239-888-0888) | Royal Blue Lawn Service, LLC ([email& 160;protected] 239-888-0888) | Cape Coral Lawn Mowing, LLC ([email& 160;protected] 239-888-0888) | They showed up once without me calling to have them come out after they were close to two weeks late. Sharon, the office crook told me the check is in the mail, and I of course never received it. Here are some of the emails I sent: | Unfortunately, I am going to cancel this service agreement with basic lawn mowing due to too many missed lawn mowings and not responding to my calls and emails. There have been too many times that I had to inform basic mowing that 2 weeks have almost gone by without someone cutting my lawn. Today it is the 11th day without my lawn cut and I am having to take time out of my day just to get someone to show up to cut my lawn, the last cut was on July 13th. The following are the days you cut my lawn so I expect to be paid for the remaining weeks I paid for and didn’t receive service. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call or email me. | Lawn Cut | 5/11/17 | 5/22/17 | 6/3/17 | 6/13/17 | 6/26/17 | 7/13/17

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Divinity Prophet

Very suspect company. Do not apply! Do not interview! Do not waste your time! This company supposedly offers foster care for young adults,


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Badge Buys

I have no clue who this company is or how they got my information but for 10 months in a row they took $19.99 from my checking account.