Bates International Motor Home Rental Network, Inc

Bates International Motor Home Rental Network, Inc

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Published: 27 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Bates International Motor Home Rental Systems signed a contract with us and they were to rent out our RV for us on a commission basis. They did not pay commissions in a timely manner according to the contract. They did not repair body damage on our RV between rentals according to the contract. Bates would let the RV go out on rentals with body damage done by previous renter. They did not clean the RV between rentals according to the contract. Bates did not give us a monthly remittance of mileage and fees stated in the contract. The Service Provider working for Bates’ Las Vegas called us at home wanting to know how to open up the hood of the RV so he could check the fluid levels. He had already checked our RV out a couple of weeks earlier to a previous renter. How could he, being a Service Provider, be taking care of our RV? Bates was late returning our RV to us even after getting a “90 day notice” to return our RV in like condition. Bates received the “90 day notice” because we knew they were not keeping up with their end of the contract. Bates tried to give our RV back to us without detailing it. It was a filthy mess the day we went to pick it up. Bates’ was 7 days late in getting the repairs done that was their responsibility to return it to us in like condition. They were aware that we had perspective buyers that wanted to see the RV. I really took a very “I don’t care” attitude in returning our RV in like condition and also on time. We went to see a lawyer and he told us our options. One of those options was to charge Bates a certain amount of money for every day they were late in returning our RV to us. We gave them a bill and they refuse to pay. Bates has a very bad business attitude and they do not know how to keep their word. Let alone to keep to a contract that they signed with us. If anyone out there is thinking of renting a Motor Home, do not go to Bates International, at least the one based in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is Headquarters for all of their franchises. Bates is a very low ran company. They try to get by with the cheapest “everything”. Lots of money going into their pockets, but not a lot going out to take care of the RV’s in their care and to keep their word with people who trust them with their brand new 2004 Motor Home. We were lied to, cheated and Bates did not keep with the contract or keep the deadline date on the “90-day Notice”. When paying us the final check on past due commissions, Bates stamped a stipulation on the back of the check. ” Endorsement of this check satisfies and releases Bates from any claims” We refused to sign the check and insisted on them making us out a check without the stipulation. Not only were we going to release them from any claims, we had not even seen our RV yet to see if it was in like condition before we took it back into our possession. That is just a sample of the underhanded methods we have had to watch out for in the past three months from Bates. Be careful out there! They were sweet as pie, promising great things, but in the end, Bates was and still is underhanded and cannot be trusted. They still refuse to pay for the days they were late in returning our RV to us. They had a “90 day notice” to return the RV. More than enough time to get our RV in good condition. Repair and cleaning. They took the “I don’t care” attitude. BEWARE. If you want to rent a Motor Home for vacation or any other reason, go to a reputable Motor Home Rental NOT BATES INTERNATIONAL. Eyes to See Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.

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