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Published: 26 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I would never recommend anyone use this service. Recently I took my John Deere mower in to Bathurst mowerland to have a full service done. This included a few basic repairs like a new seat. My biggest problem was the belt was throwing off and I thought it just needed a new belt, wanted an oil change filters and the rest done, whilst the repair was in the shop we would get calls you need new this and you need new that it will make your mower work much bether which I said okay just do it , if it makes it mow my lawn that’s all I require. The he mower came back and I have only been able to mow with it twice since, the mower did go back in to the shop as clips and things were missing from the deck. and the blades were grinding. After four months of complaining I ended up contacting fair trading NSW the last straw was when I asked to speak to the manager and the lady who is the manager said why do you want to complain about me? And then hangs up, I live out of town so for me to travel back and forth because of giving me the wrong belt of course I’m not going to be happy, I’m not happy that I spent $800 on something that doesn’t work as it should. When I ask will what’s wrong with it they tell me to make it a tractor, I said why can’t I just get a new deck for it, the engine and everything was fine. They can not tell my it throws belts they can’t tell me why it doesn’t work anymore when it did before it went on to the shop it was only going to get a service and a new belt. The new blades will stop your spindles from needing replacing. i contacted fair trading and the only thing I could think that would be fair would be for her to give me the $800 as shop credit as they apparently repaired my mower and give me $600 for the mower as is the condition they have repaired it in and I would purchase a brand new mower from them, she didn’t want to come to the party yet they don’t come back with any ideas. I would have purchased a brand new mower and they would have had continual servicing because I would take it there to have it fixed. So I see they don’t want my service, I’m finding I am being treated like an idiot because I’m a female. Yet she is a female too so I would have expected more respect from her, she must not look in the workshop and see things being done as she has no idea. I took it in there and it worked all it needed was a new belt they give it an overhaul and it never mows again? There has been no offer of a resolution I guess I’m stuck with a mower that doesn’t work on 6 acres which is a fire hazard if the grass is allowed the grow long. It seems to me that business has the ability to do what they want take your money then wipe your hands with you. I am going to buy a mower from another dealership as they only sell a few brands and I doubt any of those would meet my needs and I don’t feel confident that their sales would sell me a mower suitable for my property. I know one that will be suitable will cost a fair bit that wasn’t the issue the issue is I’m stuck with something that should be fixed tha should work. But if I ring up and try and talk to someone about this from mowerland I get hung up on. Would would the the manager want the ressolution to be if this was her mower? I’m disabled I can’t use a push mower, I feel totally scammed. The fact that they wouldn’t come to the party and meet some demands or atleast come half way shows they didn’t care about me as a return client they cared more about the money they made using over priced parts. If this was your business wouldn’t you sell a brand new mower wear the fact your mechanics did a bad service, if they were confident in their servicing I believe they would have accepted the offer $1400 deposit on a new mower, if they did the repairs correctly they could quiet easily get this money returned in the sale of my John deere. The manager needs to learn some customer service manners and if they are going to sell John Deere mowers why do you allow your sales staff to bag out the brand or the name , telling people to buy a ferris or a cox because John Deere suck? Um is that why my service is so bad?

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