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Batteries Plus Bulbs

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Published: 06 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Total amateurs here. Wasted so much time at this d**n store only to have more problems than when I first came in. Initially I went in to get a new phone battery because mine had swollen and apparently needed a new one. First of all it took over two weeks to get the battery in the mail, and also they never called me when it arrived so I had to call them 2 days after it arrived. Took the phone in to get repaired and when I got it back there were Dead pixels on the screen and the back of the phone wasn’t completely flush. I have used “u break I fix” in Boulder before to fix the backing of my phone and they did a professional job in about an hour and there was no open seem at all. So I know it can be done correctly, these guys just didnt. Dropped the phone off and came back two hours later only to be told by the employee, that I dealt with two hours earlier, that he doesn’t recognize me and has not seen a phone like mine all day. This is ridiculous, you guys can’t remember something that was two hours ago? So now I have to wait for them to order a screen because they broke mine in the process, they don’t have the correct color so who knows how long this is going to take. This isnt an isolated incident because the guy that was standing in line before me also had a screen broken by these clowns in the same fashion. So obviously they don’t really care about taking care of your property, or they just don’t know what they’re doing and are guessing. Either way don’t waste your time here. Oh yeah, spent at least an hour and a half waiting in the store overall, yes there were computer issues, but waiting in line 3 different times on two different days is a waste of my time. Also the manager came out and scolded the employees in regards to my order, apparently they can’t tell the difference between a s7 edge and an S8 amongst a few other issues. Again, total amateur hour here! I will update once they get a new screen that matches my phone. Not holding my breath for any kind of good results here though. UPDATE!!!!-Took the phone back yet again today because I noticed there was gouge marks along the sides where someone tried to pop the back off, also noticed that the adhesive wasn’t working on one side of the phone. I was told when I came in that they had to use a glue that is meant for Apple phones, not Samsung. Funny thing is, nobody told me about that when I picked it up, they waited for me to find the defect and then admitted that they made a mistake. I’m not a lawyer or anything but that seems like Fraud to me. They said that they could file it down so it doesn’t look so bad, gouge marks I mean. Are you serious? Liars and incompetent at this place. They still have to fix my screen. So for a recap I came in just to get a battery and left with a dead pixel screen and damage to the sides and back of my phone. Let’s not forget that they use the wrong adhesive and didn’t tell me about it as well. Fraud! Oh yeah, waited 2 1/2 weeks for all of this to transpire as well without so much as a courtesy phone call. Still waiting on a new screen but these guys are pretty close to fraud at this point. My phone won’t wirelessly charge now either!!Whatever you do don’t shop here, even though the parking is a little tricky go to “u break I fix” in downtown Boulder, much much better!

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