Bay Pines Auto Mr Green Lube

Bay Pines Auto Mr Green Lube

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Published: 16 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I was hired on a contractual basis to sell the Mr Green Lube technology’s “theory” to other shops in the Florida region. Mr. Green Lube is a start up company, selling on the basis of “NEVER AGAIN PAY FOR AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES OR OIL CHANGES”, haha, using Eco-Power, BG Products and offering a full power-train warranty on any vehicle under 80k miles and giving out BG’s power-train warranties to fleets and consumers, based on basically nothing. Any vehicle under 80k will meet the requirements just to sell the monthly “service plans”, ranging from 29$-129$. With BG’s big name in the industry and “green” theory. I added on a shop in Tampa and was never paid my commissions. That is not the biggest issue with me, its the treatment my clients received after paying $2995 for the program. After further investigation, Kevin Heath, the CEO and Founder of the 2 month old company, was asking other associates in my business for over 700k in investments and getting it. I feel it is a FULL PONZI scam! Does BG Products realize he is passing out their power train warranties???? With their name and them backing the warranties???? Mr. Green Lube based their theories that every shop put on MUST have a ASE MASTER technician with over 10 years experience, that is not the case. The shop I put on in Tampa was only 3 months new, a great mechanic, but did not meet the requirements of becoming a MGL shop. This Kevin Heath has told me he ran a GMC fleet dealership for over 25 years, when in all actuality he was doing real estate investments and lost over 10 million in that market. His home is in foreclosure, he has numerous felonies, no driver’s license, and is a crook! emails sent to MGL from shop in Tampa Kevin,Yes, you called last week and spoke with Ken. He relayed the information to me.Based on your answers given to Ken, we were not satisfied with the outcome.I am not wanting to argue with you regarding communication. It has been an issue.We have received 2 banners and a repaired website after issues and that is all. Not to mention ill communication on your part when you were out of town and told no one and did not respond to communique. Jan 2018 October 2010Per our conversation, below are concerns: Maintenanceand protection plans – are these active? If so,need paperwork, procedures,and pricing. Websiteissues – No one contacted us to discuss content: Name on Home Page – should be Bay Area AutomotiveServices Hours are incorrect – should be Monday-Friday 8:00AM -5:00PM; Saturdays – By Appointment Only Phone number on Home Page – not ours – should be813.254.0699 Add additional payment logos – Discover & Fleets Coupon on Home Page – can we offer? Is this inrelation to protection plans? Contact Us Page Correct Name – should be BAAS Can you add our slogan – “We Can Fix That”? Can you add email address – B Can you add fax number – (813) 250-0890? When attempting to test contact form, received errormessage – “Owner email not set” It is not a problem selling oil changes. We can do that. I would prefer to have the technical training behind selling the product. I prefer to make sure that we inform the customers as accurately as possible the first time.Consumers are intelligent and I would prefer to have the answers before they asked questions.We feel that there has been a lack of communication. If Kevin wanted to wait till our second check cleared, that would have been valuable information for us to have. If Kevin left town for awhile, again valuable information to have. I would rather not give out my client’s name, confidentiality. Be aware of this company, this man, and BayPines Auto, they will mess your vehicle up! I am proof of it…..I have phoned the President of BG Products and waiting on his response in regards to this MGL selling with them “backing” the work. I can speak from personal experience, my Mercedes was RUINED after I let them do an oil change for me. Bay Pines actually had to come to my home on a Saturday with a tow truck, because I would not risk driving it to their facility and further damaging the work that was done. UNBELIEVABLE!!! The mechanic put the O-ring on backwards and ALL oil leaked out, my vehicle was smoking when I got home.

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