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Published: 17 November 2019

Posted by: MyHonesty

Dr. M Bowes Hamill is an absolute disrespectful, arrogant, rude doctor. He does not care about his patients time and if your appointment is at noon you will be lucky to be seen by this greedy evil punk by 3. To top that off you will get no apology from this entitled self-serving man. He only values his pocketbook, his time, and what he feels might affect him. You are the patient and believe me you may get this jerk to say two words to you as you listen to him talk to his computer about your eyes. Then he rushes out the door, and yes he even forgets he is supposed to be the expert and fails to look at your eyes for himself. He just thinks he is supposed to depend on the nurses findings. What kind of doctor with any sense of being a good and friendly doctor doesn”t look at your eyes for himself before taking the word of a nurse that I am sure is lacking the actual insight you might just be paying for. He is a greedy man with no concern for you (the patient) so if you are wondering…Should I go see this Doctor and TRUST him the answer I give you with all my honesty and concern for your best in life regarding your precious vision…the ANSWER is NO! Save you the trouble…this was worth it. Thank You for listening and please do find a Doctor that does take time, concern, and is not a jerk. God Bless You…as you deserve God”s Best, and this Man Dr. Hamill is far from that!

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