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Bayly's Garage

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Published: 21 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

First off Let me say this, I had to put this under the category Auto Mechanic, But It should be under scam artist. I Took my truck to this so called garage after I broke the AC compressor. The truck was acting up buy shifting weird So The So called Machanic said it was my transmission. I paid 700 for them diagnose it as a bad transmission. and another 13 hundred for them to put a used transmission in the Truck. I also paid 500 for My bayly to fix My AC. THAT INCLUDED fix compressor, check for leaks and raipair anything if needed to hold pressure. So lets start with the AC. He tells me they filled AC AND FOUND THAT IT HAS A LEAK SO NO BIG DEAL, Just told me to have it filled a few times a year. WHAT? didn’t I just pay 500 bucks cash so i would not have to do this? As I get the truck back after he said its fixed. I start to pull out his shop area and notice The transmission is doing the same thing it was doing before I paid out the 2,200. I go in to him and he said he just needs to adjust something. Well after adjusting It is no better. At this point I am am getting upset, Thats a lot of money gone down the drain. He had This truck on his Lot for 1 month. He had also told me I could have the old transmission back at this time. When i called there the so called machanic that he calls him self says He has to keep putting mine to the side and work on everyone else’s cause My one truck in not paying his Bills. 1 month and he still had no clue to what was wrong with it. I finally Got tired Of dealing with this as I had to keep putting out money over and over again. So I took my truck to a company called AAMICO. Let me tell you, They took in thier shop and with in one hour told me it was a wire harness behind the AC compressor. Really??? That would be the SAME AC compressor that I just paid 500 for baylys garage to replace. they fixed the harness charged me 125 bucks and sent me on my way. ALL FIXED. So Long story short, I just paid out 2,200 for transmission work that i did not need. AND TO TOP OFF THINGS, NOW tells me that i can no longer have my old transmission unless I pay 250 bucks for it. I have talked to so many people who have had issue’s with this place and I am now warning everyone out there to beware. I do not want to see anyone lose out on hard earned money. I have learned something here, Do not trust back yard machanics. This company is no more than that with a building. They have no clue what they are doing and should not be trusted with repairing a Bicycle. If you or anyone you know has a car that needs repairing please stay away from this dump. Don’t say you have not been warned.

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