Bayou's Custom Spells

Bayou's Custom Spells

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Published: 04 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I googled “spellcasters” and a Google Ad came up for When I went to the website I was attracted by the money back guarantee headline policy. The site claims that if you see no results in 1-2 hours, you will be refunded or you can choose to have your spell recast for 25 years. (If it sounds too good to be true, it is) Anyways, on the website, they advertise prices between 99-250.00 USD and claimed they will NEVER charge you hundreds of dollars. | I called around 10:30 PM on Saturday night and a young man (with a very noisy background) answered the phone. He asked my name, birthday, how long I’ve been separated from my partner, and what I did for a living. I think he asked what I did for living to try to gauge what he could possibly charge me. I said, “I’m a business owner”. He saw dollar signs immediately. | I explained to him that my partner and I have been on/off again for 2 years, nothing severe, but that he and I were in different stages in our lives, but I wanted to try to make things work with us. | The fake spellcaster then said, well you have a difficult situation and I can tell you now “it’s going to cost you” he said: If you want him to come back to you, be yours forever, and even enlarge his p***s it’s going to cost 800.00 USD. I said, well that’s a bit too much for me, but thank you anyways. He then said: “You f**king w***e” and hung up on me. | DO NOT fall for this scam. Sadly, most of these spellcasters are scammers who prey on lonely heartbroken people. YOU can do any love spell youself with cheap ingredients, and you can also have cheap spell work done from casters on and other various websites. | If any spellcasters ask you to wire money to them or asks you to do a bank transfer, it’s a scam. If you send cash, they will disappear on you and you will have no recourse to obtain your money back. You will have to hire lawyers and contact the FBI to find these scammers. | I know you’re feeling sad, hopeless, and lonely and all you want is your lover back, but don’t lose all your money trying to win back your lover. Spend that money on a vacation (big or small) instead.

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