BayQuest Capital Corporations

BayQuest Capital Corporations

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Published: 03 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On December 15 2008 I went to Capitol Car Credit located at 7008 S. IH 35 in Austin, TX 78745 to purchase a car ( 2005 Chrysler Sebring). The price for the car was 18,858.24 the agreement was a 1,200 deposit, I made it in payments, 500.00 due on 12-19-08, 350.00 due on 1-2-08, and 350.00 due 1-16-08. After the down my monthly payments were 183.94. I made my payments with cash monthly to Texas Auto Credit Solutions located at 105 W. Riverside Dr. suite 212 in Austin, TX 78704. August 14, 2008 I was told that my account was being switched to BayQuest Capital Corporations located in Florida, because I had good payment history and BayQuest was suppose to be a larger financial institution. I made my last payment to Texas Auto Credit Solutions on 8-14-08 for a total of 367.88 that payment was for 8-15-08 and 9-1-08, in the process of transferring my account to BayQuest I was told that I didn’t make a payment for 8-15-08 I had to fax my receipt to Leslie at BayQuest Capital Corp. I received my code for my car by Leslie because I have a timed device in my car and if I don’t make my payments on time my car gets turned off. On 9-16-08 I called in to make a payment but I was told that I owed 367.88 and that I didn’t make a payment for 9-1-08, I told Leslie at BayQuest that I had already faxed her my receipt for the payment, but I was still unable to receive a code and I was told that I still owed 367.88 I was getting transferred to many different departments and nobody could find out why I owed 367.88 even though I faxed in proof of my payment. On 10-13-08 I received a call from someone working with Texas Auto Credit Solutions saying that my account had been transferred back to Texas Auto Credit Solutions in Austin, Texas I was told that I owe 800.00 but I made a payment to BayQuest on October 11, 2008 for 576.00, I provided her with the receipt and she says that I still owe 300.00, I told her that I didn’t because my next payment isn’t due until 10-15-08 for 183.94, so I have no idea where she was coming up with these numbers. My car was turned off from 9-15-08- 10-11-08 because BayQuest and Texas Auto Solutions were saying that I owed way more than what I really owe. I all of my receipts from all of my payments made. Dwayna MANOR, TexasU.S.A.

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