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The patient was disappointed with the way he was treated and never wishes to come back again over there.

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Published: 06 August 2019

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Health should be your priority if you plan to live a good and successful life. You should regularly have a checkup to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You should always track the nutrient level in your body and ensure that your body is getting sufficient amount of good calories. To prevent any future problems, you should have a regular checkup from a doctor of a well-reputed institute. You should ensure that you are getting these services from one of the best clinics in town, but there are clinics which claim that they provide the best services but that isn’t the case, they just want your money. Your health is not their priority; such of these clinics are Bayside Family Dental.
The dental clinics should make sure that they are not offering their services to a single segment but every other person can have dental problems so they should make sure that their services are offered to everyone. One of their patients who is senior citizen reported that they don’t care for a senior citizen as they don’t offer any senior citizen discount even though they have the discount offer live on their website. There is no in-house payment plan as they use outside source which of course gets their fair share of the money.
Bayside Family Dental is a clinic that is located in Bayside, New York. It provides various services related to oral hygiene like Juvederm and Invisalign. They claim to provide the best dental services and a healthy and friendly environment for the people. Unfortunately, they are just hypocrites. People have been posting serious negative comments regarding their services and it turns out that they should really start working on their services.
My husband had complained that Bayside Dental has not been responding to his concerns lately. As his dental agreement clearly states that they will be giving him two cleanings per year but the dentist and staff states that Bayside has not approved any such agreement and instead the customer has to pay out of pocket for higher-level teeth cleaning. This clearly indicates the violation of the agreement. He has been paying $800 per year for insurance coverage that he cannot access.
Lack of training from doctors and skilled professional can be costly for their patients. They should make sure that they maintain a high level of standard to treat their patients but Whidbey Dental Associates hasn’t been able to do so. The level of standards they had is awful; a customer reported that once he went there for a checkup. The doctor couldn’t place bands on his teeth as he was facing difficulty in placing over his teeth. Moreover, his senior doctor was also facing difficulty to get the things done. While trying to fit the bands, the doctor came very hard to him who caused severe pain in his jaw and along the jawline. After he left the office and came home he noticed that a piece of his front tooth was broken off during the procedure at Whidbey Dental Associates.

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