Bayview Personal Injury Lawyers

Bayview Personal Injury Lawyers

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Published: 02 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

To keep a long story very short, we were hired by Justin Johnson and Laura Babcock to build a “last minute” website to promote their new law firm – Bayview Injury Lawyers of Hamilton Ontario. Of course, like any other unprofessional company they waited until the last minute to start (and finish) their website. Asking us to do a rush job (at no extra cost) in-order to meet their 7 day deadline. We were up for the challenge so we took on the project. We prepared our standard contract and requested 50% down payment and 50% upon completition. Justin Johnson signed our contract and we began his project. We completed the website within their timeline, even though they had only provided the actual content days before. We had many communications with Justin and Laura both via email and telephone. You would think this company would be happy right? Wrong… When we requested final payment before launching their website this is the exact email we recieved. I should also mention that our contract clearly outlines payments, and the price didn’t change at all. They were fully aware of the outstanding balance. ———– Hello, I have to say Iu2019m a bit disappointed that I received a phone call while at our companyu2019s launch party to be told the website wonu2019t go live until the final payment is made. We havenu2019t even been sent a final invoice. Could no one have said that during the day? Now we have articles and press out there linking to a website that is not live. Please send us a final invoice and we will likely go elsewhere to get the rest of the site finalized. I do know that Federico put effort into the site, so please pass on my thanks to him. Justin Johnson ———— After dozens of phone calls and emails, these amateur lawyers are in complete darkness. Actually hiding from our phone calls. I’m guessing they like to be paid for their time/work, but they just DON’T like paying others. You can judge a man/woman/company by the way they pay their bills, and if they beileive that we will simply disappear – they couldn’t be more incorrect. This is now a challenge and I will be taking these lawyers to civil court on Monday. I will also be certain to tell any potential web developers to be aware of their bad habits of non payment. So if you were thinking about hiring these Lawyers for your personal injury I would think again. Unless you want to work with a dishonest bunch of crooks. All the best!A Nerd’s World

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