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Published: 21 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Would like to inform everyone of the scam artist Bbtoys is. Not only did he rip me off once bur twice. The first one was for about $425.00 and this time for about $250.00. I sent him the first time a huge order of Ty products order came to 600.00+. I received an email stating the beanie babies were dirty and smelled of smoke and offered me$ 250.00. He paid $250.00 I then sent proof how that could not be cause my mother took very good care of her beanie babies. He then responded and said it was just a few in the one box and that all the others were fine but never paid me 600.00 I was told before I sent them and stop responding to emails. I have over 3000 beanies and needed extra cash so I decided to try this company one more time, but I had my daughter place the order this time so he wouldn’t be bias to the order. This order was about $250.00 after a week long of them being in his possession I get an email saying he declined my order first saying they smelled of smoke (we don’t smoke) then saying we used febreeze to cover smell! Huh ok do they smell of smoke an offensive odor or febreeze a pleasant one 2 totally diffrent scents. Either way we do not smoke and beanies had been in a storage room in large plastic totes each one in a individual zip lock bag to specifically keep from all elements and orders. He then told me I had 90 days to pay him $94.00 to have them returned or he would just keep them.I then told him my connection with the first order and made a deal that if he sent me money he owed from first order+/- $400.00 I would then in return pay for return shipping. And he never responded again. He did not expect me to respond like that and I know he just expected me to wait fir time to elapse the 90 days to go by and he just made another almost $300 off me by false accusations. I do not plan to stop here cause $750.00 is alot of money to just shrugged off. But take this as warning DO MOT SELL TO BOB @Sell2bbnoveltiesandtoys. If any lawyers read this please advise cause i do plan to push this issue. Tara C .

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