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Published: 08 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I have noticed this issue going on for a while. Supposedly they are a real time bank, meaning all transactions are processed at real time. This is a lie. They do this with debits when it benefits them and reorder or hold deposits. They do not have any consistent patterns of deposits some process the next bsuiness day, some of 2 business days, nothing ever deposits on Saturdays. | I am a business customer and was hit with a few NSF fees here and there. When I would calll about them, I would mention that my account was never negative. They tell me every time that the system they see in the bank is different from the mobile banking system. How that is possible is beyond me. | You cannot opt of overdraft because you are a buinsess. | This weekend was the last straw. I left floating funds in there to cover weekend debits. I had depsotis that cleared quickbooks and were to be deposited on Saturday. (They do not deposit on Saturday so I knew it would be the next business day) It was not, they deposited 3 on the next business day and 1 the large one 2 business days later. | They hit me with 10 fees, 10, 38.00 fees and some were for transactions of 1.00. | I went into the bank to have them give me an explanation. He gave me the same spill and then turned his computer around so I could see it. Even his system never show any place that the account balance went negative. He could not even locate it. | He said he would refund me but only 5 and there was nothing else he could do. He gave me one more but I was still lost out of 4 more fees yet could not be shown where or why the account was being charged. | I am completly confused, dumbfounded that this is even allowed to happen.

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