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Published: 31 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I have purchased a 2013 Toyota FJ Cruizer with 27,000 km from Janan auto dealer Be Forward. The vehicle took 4 month to reach Georgetown Port, Cayman Islands. It was send from the Be Forward Facility in Dubai, UAE. Upon arrival the Port officials informend me that the vehicle can not even be driven out from the container as it has to breaks. After i brough the mechanic to the port it was doscovered that the break pump fitting was cracked and patched up with EPOXY!!! It leaked all the fluid and breaks were not functioning. After adding the break fluid and removing vehicle from the port if was further discovered that it was in a major accident the the following things were not functioning or broken: | Break pump leaking fluid -causing total break failure and the frame corrosion. | Both front CV joints have broken bearings and making loud whining noise while driving. | Right hub has a broked bearing and making loud noise while driving. | Left turn signal is filled with water. | Left fender is impoperly repaired and looks bumpy from the body filler and broken metal. | Spare rim hidden in the plastic cover is damaged and need replacement. | All repair estimate total over $8000 USD. | It is odvious that the vehocle was involved in a major crash in Japan then exported in its crashed state out of the contry, underwent a shody repair work just to make it look good on the low resolution pictures and then sold to a unsuspecting individual-me. | Be Forward initialy claimed that it will provide full compensation, requested pictures and quotations from the repair shops -which i provided. After seeing the repairs totalling over $8000 USD they said that they will NOT be compensationg me at all. | This company is engaging in a fradulent activity and should be prosecuted for their actions in Japan and Dubai. I will be filing complains to Japan and Dubai better business organisations requestiing that Be Forward be fined and its delaer/business licences be revoked in both jurisdictions.

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