Be The 1 Foundation Inc. Todd Jutte T.J. Jutte BT1 T4C MK4C P2P

Be The 1 Foundation Inc. Todd Jutte T.J. Jutte BT1 T4C MK4C P2P

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Published: 16 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Earlier this year, I was contacted by Todd Jutte (aka T.J.) to join the Be The 1 Foundation team as their Director Of Marketing, a position that involved graphic design, web developement and internet marketing. Although I was not allocated any budget for graphic design, web developement and internet marketing, I was offered compensation in the way of a partnership by which I would receive 5% of all funds raised by the foundation, as well as a percentage of merchandise sales from other companies owned by Todd Jutte. Two examples, on May 26, 2016, Todd Jutte wrote: My reasoning is as follows. I believe you and I have met for a very Powerful purpose . That purpose is to help many and strengthen and lead them to Jesus. I have set aside two 5% profits of all that T4C Fighting 4 The Gospel will ever make and I have set aside 5% of everything the clothing line that goes with it will make. In my heart and Spirit , I think it should go to you at no charge but you will be our Marketing Director when the need arises. The 5% ownership in the company was $ 25,000.00 for the owners to buy in. For you to be the Marketing Director, I waive that and we give to you as you come onboard as Director of Marketing. I do not make this offer lightly nor do i simply ” think ” it is the right thing to do. I have zero doubts , none the financial reward will be wonderful , which truly means very little UNLESS it goes to those that will help others and bring Jesus Glory. I feel at 100% peace you are meant for that 5% . I spoke with my atty yesterday. I ask you to think about , more importantly Pray about what HE tells you. May HE always always be the reason for what we are doing. Im thankful HE has crossed our paths u271d Again, on May 26, 2016, Todd Jutte wrote: The enemy and his army have attacked those that proclaim Jesus as Lord God King & Savior and will continue until God crushes them under HIS feet. We serve an all Powerful , Sovereign , Reigning , Conquering Lord. HE has us in HIS Hand , yes no doubt attacks have and always will be attempted but fear not HE says for I am always with you. We must put on the full Armour of our God daily , stay grounded in HIM & HIS Word at all times and we march into battle fearing nothing seen nor unseen u271dI am setting up final company documents within next couple weeks. Let me know your thoughts on my gift offer of 5 % profits of T4C Fighting 4 The Gospel and 5 % gift offer from the clothing. This will be a nice side bonus over the next years to use as needed. You and I can Pray together over it next week if you like and go from there. I wish you a wonderful & Blessed weekend ahead. The compensation was explained and discussed on countless occasions during email exchanges and phone calls, so much so that Todd Jutte became repetitive to such an extent about the “financial explosion” I was about to experience, I started to avoid his phone calls which started with the same rehearsed prayer, and were followed by mentions of forthcoming “great wealth” which often led to work orders for items not related to Be The 1 Foundation, including Todd Jutte’s Mighty Kids 4 Christ (MK4C) and Preparing 2 Prevent (P2P). Trusting my agreement with Todd Jutte was legitimate, with no budget for graphic design, web developement and internet marketing, I designed logos, brochures, developed a WordPress website that was received with nothing but praises. Using my own Facebook and Twitter advertising credits, I launched an advertising campaign that raised $2,100.00 for the first event held in Windermere, FL. After the first event, and coinciding with my refusal to design a 10 page brochure for the Preparing 2 Prevent (P2P) program for free, Todd Jutte and Be The 1 Foundation CFO Darren Clumpner informed me they sought to “severe ties” without explanation. When I mentioned “severing ties” would require I be bought out of the company as a partner, I was informed I was never made partner, and that the $6,000.00 I invested in the company in the way of graphic design, web developement and internet marketing should be written off as a charitable donation. Further more, I was asked to transfer copyrights of all the work I produced, including logos, brochures, copy and a complete website. Of course, I refused to do so. To date, Be The 1 Foundation, Inc. continues to use my intellectual property without persmission, a federal offense, and continues to raise funds using logos and branding I produced. Also, Todd Jutte continues to profit from merchandise sales using my intellectual property without persmission through his website at In my opinion, and from my personal experience, several hundred emails and dozens of phone calls and catching him in several lies, Todd Jutte is a con artist who leverages faith to advance his agenda, preying on servants of the Lord including yours truly. To him that has an ear, let him hear.

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