Beach Buffers Car Wash & Detail Center

Beach Buffers Car Wash & Detail Center

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Published: 05 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I went to this car wash because my car was seriously in need of a cleaning. I normally go to the car wash off of 17 south because they do an excellent job. I eat in my car because I am always on the go. I dont take my car to the carwash often so when I do it really needs it. I dont throw trash in the floorboards but the dash will be dusty and crumbs on the console and the cup holder. Ill admit that the console area can get pretty nasty. However I have never had a complaint until I went to the Beach Buffers carwash. This car wash was a little closer to me so I thought I would get it a try. When I pulled up in line a guy came to find out what kind of wash I wanted. I asked the guy what the difference was between the washes because I wanted to make sure the interior got cleaned well. I asked which package included armor all on the dash and interior and he said none of the washes included that and would be an extra 10 dollars but they wouldnt have time to do that today. I asked which then which wash includes whipping down the dash and console really good. He said they all included that except the other washes include armor all on the tires and the full service includes the extra clear coat protection. So I went with the number 3 wash for 17.99 not the basic. I paid for the wash before completion (a mistake). When my car was finished 45 minutes later I went to get into the car and the first thing I noticed was dirt on the back of the console, then I saw dirt and stains on the driver door vinyl. Then I saw that the console still had crumbs around the inside. The car wash kid asked if it was ok and I said that there was still some dirt on the console that needed to be taken care of. He came back a few minutes later and said he was finished. I went and took a look and said it still has dust on the stereo and there are still crumbs and stuff around the shifter. He worked on it again for a few and said it was done. I climbed in and put it in gear ready to go and I looked down and dust slid down with the shifter, then I looked up and the steering column had not been whiped at all I swiped my finger and got nothing but dust. I got out of the car annoyed and told the car wash kid that there was still a lot of dirt in there. He motioned for the guy standing and watching. The grey head owner walked over and I explained the situation and he glanced in the car and said that was the best he could do for me with without having me schedule a full car detailing. I swiped my hand across the steering console and pulled a handful of dust. I then said so you are telling me this is the best you do here. I said then I going back in side for some kind of refund. He said that there wont be any refund. I turned around and said so youre not going to finish cleaning my car? I have been to other car washes further into Myrtle Beach and never have had a problem and they armor all the entire inside of the car as well. He said we will whip down the column a little more but as for the rest you are going to have to get a full detailing. I got back into the car ready to go but highly annoyed. I was about to leave when shifting into gear all of that dirt slid out with the shifter. Then I was mad, I then got out and cussed out the cashier and then the owner. He still didnt budge but at least I felt a little bit better after being cheated. I also explained that I would never return to their car wash again. The moral of the story is : if you are looking for a good car wash go some where else.

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