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Way over inflated pricing and no warranty

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Published: 28 January 2021

Posted by: Brad

Way over inflated pricing. My driver side headlight went out. I took it to Beach House Imports after inspecting Audi A6 they said that the ballast was defective and needed to be replaced.  They charged me $850. Tim Bunning told me it was a big deal and they had to pull the bumper off. The part was $350 and the balance was labor because it was a big deal. The light worked for 6 days when it went out again instead of taking responsibility they said it’s probably your headlight is now bad after looking at it they said yes we think it’s going to be your headlight. 

I argued for a bit saying how could that possibly happen 6 days later it’s now another part with the exact same symptom. He told me to expect it to be around $1,500 for the new light.

At this point I had absolutely no confidence that I was not going to be taken advantage of further so I took it someplace else. They quickly diagnosed it as a bad ballast.  They told me that it’s not a big job and they gave me a total price of $290. I came back two days later after they received the part. I watched them do most of the job it was incredibly straight forward.

I guess Beach House Imports has to make it seem like it’s a big deal so they can squeeze as much money as they can out of their customers. I suppose they’re more interested in getting a one time cash win fall then building a strong loyal customer base.

Beach House Imports is everything I hate about mechanics. 

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