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Published: 18 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Beach Pro Realty what can be said? Only the truth! Beach Pro Realty has had many complaint from customers and employees. The reason the customers complain is simple fact of poor customer service. Beach Pro dosen’t have an active house keeping work force. Instead they have contractes cleaners from many other companies or private workers. The complaint about cleanliness is there due the the bullying of the cleaners. The lack of organization not to add cleaning products makes it hard for work to be done. Recently, Christi Rhodes had a lady I know clean a beach house. The way it works is they inspect it then pay the cleaners. Well I’ve have heard of many of their cleaners receiving checks that bounced once cashed. The problem was the didn’t have the house inspected until nearly two weeks later. This lady was unable to even get paid. Christi Rhodes herself told her the place was inspected and the cleaner was on the re-clean list. No contact was made by Beach Pro to inform the cleaner of this. Instead the cleaner got upset for not gwtting paid for over a week. Christi then told the cleaner about this after a week has past knowing someone has stayed in the house since it was cleaned. No wounder the properties are dirty with employers like that who even ripoff their employees how would anyone be off limits with Christi Rhodes and Beach Pro Realty. I’ve even heard stories about Christi Rhodes personally threating guest to keep them quiet.

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